Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Its christmas once again..the time of the year when sharing and giving are ways to express one's love to fellow beings.
Sitting in one corner of a bedroom I have nothing to do but to trace back to the most eventful christmas eve and christmas nights of my life.I have not had many eventful ones so just a few to recall..and amongst them I enjoyed the christmas of 2006 the most.

The Angel of Christmas recent Past :D
I was in Pune last christmas..one of my friends Miss.E was missing home a lot and wanted to go back for a christmas dinner.We all wished we could do something to help her.So the gang got together and planned a cool suprise christmas night party for her.We collected enuff funds, and made up nice stories to make it a suprise for her.We went to the christmas sale in the biggest malls in Pune and looked for gifts for our chris kids.In the process made miss E to choose her gift without her realising it.
Then one of my friends, according to the plan, made up a story of a bad mood due to a fight with his girl friend. So he said he wanted to go to a movie, he said he wanted miss E to go with him to the movie so we could have some fun.I had a hell of a time faking the whole thing.So finally we went to "Bhagam Bhag"..not a very impressive movie, but for a movie we had to watch only till the interval it was good enuff.So after the interval we got the call from the rest of the gang that the party floor was ready.
Now my other friend said we need to rush back home as some other friend of ours was very sick.So we went back half way thru the movie.Miss E was lil upset abt the whole thingy...as she was not home..no christmas dinner...no church mass...now one friend had fought with his gf and another was sick.
But on getting back home when we all wished her merry christmas and served her christmas dinner she was in tears...We were so happy to have made someone's christmas day tat time.As for the gifts..she was so happy to get the things she loved.

Its true that in there is more fun in giving than in receiving.
Wish u all a merry christmas...Missing home a lot now :(.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Destination LA

It was 7.45 in the morning..I woke up from a night mare, a bad one at it.Looking around the room, I find all my things scattered on my side of the room and on the other side of the room we see my roomie completely wrapped up in 2 blankets..yeah it is a cold day.I was not able to go to sleep again, so I walk to brush my teeth, I open the tap and out flows very cold water and my hands instantly freeze...wow who said Florida is the sunshine state.I was going to leave to LA by the evening flight and all my clothes were unwashed and dirty.So I run to the launder-o-mat, the first thing after my coffee.
The flight was scheduled at 5.05 in the evening.I had not decided how to get to the airport still.I knew I can't take a bus from downtown..I don't know the very thought of getting there gives me chills.So I decide to take a taxi.I call up some local taxi guy..ask him to send the at 3.Now I find a more interesting problem, I have too less money to pay my taxi.
Life is no fun without a troubles rt..so here I had a lot of things to trouble me..I need to make my lunch and dinner(domestic flights within US starve ppl), I had to pack a couple of dresses and finally yeh finally I need a minimum of 40$ to get to the LA airport.So I went to the bus stop looking for a bus to go to an ATM alas, murphy's law was working so perfectly, there were no buses now..damn, I stood there for 20 mins all in vain..I turn around walk into my apartment complex..swish there goes a bus!!! I love my LUCK :)
So here I go thinking and thinking about how I am going to pay my taxi?Finally I hit reality..yes I could easily take the route to the airport via the neat ATM :D.
So finally I reached the airport via an ATM rich route..so I paid my taxi and also reached to the airport on time.I sit and read a stupid good for nothing book...seriously I felt bad about my judgement skills to get a good book!.So here I am travelling all alone with a very boring book all the way to LA.

I am sure its gonna be a great boring trip, a trip I am seriously gonna get bored every second.Except for getting to LA, I was not interested in anything in the trip.

So I got to Atlanta next, the intermediate stop.I walked all over the airport and found the gate I had to take my flight from.I sat close to it and started thinking how the next two hrs was going to be.After sometime I got up to find a coffee shop.
Not that I was sleepy, but i was very thirsty, in a country were pure water was as costly as coffee, I decided to take coffee instead.I asked for a small cup of coffee and like I have already mentioned I got so much coffee, as much I should have had in the whole day.After pouring down a considerable amount in transit to my seat I drank up the coffee and started watching the tv in the terminal.Well the news was even more stupid to watch.So I kept looking at the ppl around, quite an entertainment.

Finally after a completely boring 5 and half hour flight, sitting near the window, totally immobile all the time I reached LA.I did not even sleep for 2 mins, the guy sitting next to me and the old lady next to him were snoring away to glory.I was wondering how ppl made it to wonderland in such restricted spaces, my legs were in extremely painful position and I was so thankful to reach LA..phew, long journey believe me..too long...Looks like I am growing old ;).

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

One Down..Three to GO!!

Its been four full months of toiling, sweating...frustrating project ends, terrible homework and nightmares called midterms and end terms.It all got over today..yes exactly 45 mins ago I put down my pencil after writing my last exam of this semester.
I felt horrible cos the questions were puzzling, but the other side of heart said..."Its all over for the next 15 days".
Yeah the next semester starts in 15 days..I now know what is to be done, to work, to look for the right things, to look at myself at the most depressing moment and smile and say..its ok you did ur best.
The last time in life I had been in such terrible place was when I was working for my board exams in the 12th class.Here I am again , pushing my limits everyday and hoping I will be fine with every step.
There were sooper low days, which made me look like a stranger to me.There were hyper days, when things were magically right.But there was not a day I did not miss the other person I was..She who was there a year ago.The girl I loved a lot..I lost her somewhere in this year long journey to "I DONO WHAT"...
I miss everything that was in my life.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

whY ME?

Many times in life I have sat down thinking why me god?

"Am I the one you chose to love or the one you hate to love,
or the one you never want to cease to learn."

I am terribly dazed by the ways of life..no two days, since I started my masters, have I slept with the same feeling.Today is yet another sulking saturday.I feel like screaming at god..NOW THIS!!WHAT OTHER PLANS HAVE YOU GOT FOR ME? IF trouble is all that you can give me...why don't you go a step further and kill me?
I know god might be thinking, well u never asked "why me?", when all the happiness of the world was at my feet...Well I never asked him "Why me", but I sure thanked him everyday for the life he had blessed me with.

A stitch in the soul, a constant rub to keep the wounds fresh.On top of this someone rubs salt on the open wound and asks me "do you feel ok now?".

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Toiling on tuesdays

Yeah u read the heading right..tuesdays are the days I fear the most they are the days I have to wake up as early as 6.30am(well this is early considering I sleep at 1 or 2am).OK let me continue...on Tuesdays i have 6 hrs of classes in sub zero temperatures.

Enga class la A/C temperature yevaen set pannurannu theriyala...yabba..it feels like antartica all around the week.Its so damn cold in the class that I wear a sweater to class.

To add to the misery of the cold air and extreme lighting...I get feel hungry immediately after the class starts..at the end of 50 mins I hear growls of my stomach.But I will have to attend the next class in next ten minutes...So I sit there hoping no one heard my stomach :(

As the day proceeds..I become dull and bored,not that I look any better in the morning.It simply that I look worse.Then I get back home as soon as possible so that I can gulp down a hot mug of coffee...its then I wake up since morning.

Now I am pretty used to this kind of life...It was worst day in the beginning of the semester...I still remember the first tuesday of the semester, I came back home so exhausted tat I called up my brother and told how horrible the day was I did not speak for the rest day...I slept late into the next day...

But then I learnt one useful lesson from my brother, if over work..u should party equally as it will help rejuvenate us...So I rewarded myself with a movie the next day.

Tuesdays still remain the toughest days..but atleast I have a longer week end compared to all my roomies :).
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Post Project Polambals(PPP)

Here I am,sitting in my living room...done nothing the whole day except playing around youtube and couple of forums in which I am a member only to look around and say...yikes I did not know all of that----no more technology news to be read!!

This post is all about the state of utter useless I have put myself after successfully messing up an important submission.Yeah!!
I messed it up big time..it did not even work in the last minute..so I could not sleep the whole night and ended up watching two movies and still shudder at the very thought of my grades.

Putting all these behind my head I planned to give myself a good treatment today, so..here I am wasting the whole 24 hours over absolutely useless stuff..reading online news..technical reviews of good for nothing stuff..watching songs, movies and eating the wierd more kozhambu I made.

At any given point of time I wish I had a chance to go back in life and undo my actions..but no scope for it now..so I redo same mistakes and think oh next time I will get it rt!!

I dono wat the $@#@ I have been doing all those years in engg...even now everything looks greek and latin to me.Now here are the top 5 things I was ruminating about today..

1.Why did I ever want to do graduate studies in US...post graduation acc to India?A ridiculous question to ask myself.

2.Whats wrong with my hairline..looks like the first signs of stress is horrible hairfall with extreme shifts in hairline :(

3.Why do movies make me happy, when all they do, is show unreal things..in other words reality beats the crap out of me :((

4.Why is my stupid friend not online today...Imagine how bad life can be when messengers had not been there..

5.Why does the laundromat mix up my dress colors..look at this once a white t-shirt..looks multi colored now..

Well this is were the top five picks...there are even more things I had tot about..but due to my inherent laziness to type too many stuff I sign off...Will be back with more, less interesting posts :D

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

When people Speak..

I am not the kind of person who looks for external forces to drive my life.I generally do what I think is the best in the situation.But in the past few months somethings have made me a little less intuitive and so are my actions.
Speaking to one of my school classmates, made me feel ,what a lot have I changed.The way he worded many things brought me back to reality "THUD"...yeah as he was just talking. He just spoke about how we used to be in school, the way life's goals were our center and anything beyond education was kept for time we had no studies to do.
I don't know if he realized that what he said made me feel I have changed, but it sure made a positive impact.He went on to say that there is no point in missing something when you had left it behind for a better cause...well he said something similar to this cos he too underwent the same stages I am going through after he left home to study abroad.
I am blogging this just to remember that someday when I look at this post I should be happy that I had spoken to him and things did change from here on.
When ppl speak, they may mean something but you could find your answers to many of your own questions.
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ratatouille-Anyone can cook

Watching movies is always fun and nothing can substitute a good movie, the fun and entertainment it provides.I love cartoons over any real movies cause, I love them.Well yesterday i had an opportunity to watch the Disney Pixar animation movie Ratatouille.

It was such an entertaining movie, the rat remme, wants to be a cook and wants to make use of its inborn ability to smell good food and know the taste of good things by just smelling it.
The whole story is based in Paris, the way the movie brought the Paris to life in an animation is simply magic("Disney ppl who come to my univ always say we make magic reality").

The story goes like wats told in this preview:

Here are a few things I loved in a movie:
-->the rat..he was very very cute with a good presence of mind.

-->The dialogs were too good and well found meanings in the movie and had messages for ppl of all ages and backgrounds.

-->The visuals were stunning and too good that often I thought I was seeing the real place or thing.

-->I loved the way the rats gave importance to family,clan and finally joined hands to support the true desire and ability of one among them.

-->The movie stressed on importance of friendship and respecting promises.

-->The movie also made us think that our perspective of things need not be the same and right compared to others(When the dad rat says humans are bad, remme proves him wrong and changes his perspective)

Thus it was a very cute movie and a wonderful way to put nice messages together for people to understand without really knowing they are coming across such messages.
Watch it,u will surely like it.
Ratatouille, u made it!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Living in another world

Its been over a month since I came to America.Like every other Indian here I first wanted to rpack my bags and run back home.But that was not possible, so I had to resume to the fact that I will live in this land and start understanding its culture and people.

Observation 1:
When you are told something you can agree and disagree openly.Nothing wrong in saying no I don't like it that way.
Observation 2:
You can do what ever you want as long as the people next to you don't object of it..meaning you don't bother them or intrude their private space.
Observation 3:
If the law states something is to be done, you do it.There is no saying no to what is mandatory.
Observation 4:
Public display of emotions is perfectly OK!
Observation 5:
You say NO MEAT for veggie stuff!

These are a few of the things I saw here, these are just a small portion what I have to say.But these are the things that keep standing out in everyday life here.

No wonder they say this is a land of opportunities and lots of freedom.
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

The FIRST Laptop

A laptop would be any software engg dream stuff.I am also one of those ppl who occasionally glanced up a couple of pages on the net and thought how nice would it be to have that pretty laptop on ma lap.
Finally the day has come when i can hold up one such machine and say, its mine and proudly put it on ma lap.
Yes finally i bought a laptop.For all detailed spec report look at the link below.
Well this is eventually the place from where i bought this computer.

On top of this I even setup my wireless network in my home so that it would be easy to roam about with my lappy through my house!!
Things can't get any better with laptops and wireless internet access.Its like a dream come true for someone like me!!
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Came to Ameriga..(One more Desi)

Back to blogging after long..hoping to be frequent here after.
Looking back into my life, the most fast and difficult times have been the ones I have been having in the past few months.
From leaving my job to taking the flight to the US to pursue further studies, all happened too quickly and left very little time to ponder on.
Now that I am here in the USA, I see no great thing like I used to feel for my friends who left a year before me to pursue further studies.Well u r here tats all u have no other feeling other than that.I guess I miss my home more and enjoy being here less.
Getting back to the story, I came here on aug 3rd. The whole flight journey itself was something that I need to write about.

Day Aug 3rd time:01:45am
I board the flight to frankfurt.Its a huge plane and as per the statistics of the day was completely filled.
Luckily there were no wailing kids in the plane,these specimen add more problems to the already irritating flight travel.With moms and dads walking up and down the tiny aisle to put these cryin monsters to sleep(This does not mean I hate babies, it means crying kids with parents who can't manage them are not fit to travel in planes.)
Coming back, I sat next to a mom and a lil daughter, they were a very quite family flying to chicago.I ate some really good tasting biriyani and went to sleep. I woke up to find pokirri being played on the tv.I watched it while eating steaming pongal and vada.

Landing in frankfurt was the most boring part, it was a huge airport in frankfurt.I had to walk from one end to the other end to board my flight.But I had a 4 hour stop and nothing to do and no money to spend( No euros I had only money in $$).SO I xchged some money for a few euros, bought a gatorade and browsed and called home with a calling card.

Well i moved around the airport for about 3 hours it was like eternity to me as I knew not the language, nor the place :)
It was way too cold than i tot it should have been say 16degC.God it was a hell of a time.

From there to Charlotte in US was pretty un evenful, except that it was uncomfotable to sit in between two ppl and sleep.
Charlotte's airport was a huge beautiful place.It looked very impressive and loved every inch of that place.

My first coffee:
I went to a coffee shop in the airport to get myself a coffee so that I would feel better.I asked for a small coffee and wat I got was over 1/2 a liter of coffee, not too sure but it was way too big to b called small.Then I drank it for about half hour(it was lots of coffee per persona and was also hot.)
Met a couple of ppl travelling to ma univ and then the rest of journey was fine and nothing to take note of.

Thats all for now...more in the nxt post!!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

When bench mates came home :D

My friends who were also my bench mates(well everyone does bench when they start working in an IT company) had come to my home for lunch, we had loads of fun!!
They were supposed to have come to my house at around one.They made it home from office at around 2.We played around for sometime, then we had lunch.After lunch we laughed our way to the ground(we actually fell off our chairs laughing!!)
Then one of my friends was supposed to make carrot halwa.Due to lack of time, she said she would bring it next day.She did it bring it...wow what a halwa it was, she mad the best halwa I had ever eaten...Hey div2, it was simply superb yaar.
We then left to office in an auto.The auto fellow asked an extra 10 rupees.When asked why he told us if four people travel in an auto he will have to spend xtra petrol..COOOLLL explanation!

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Rakesh turned a year older this month.
It was his birthday on 20th.We sure did not have a blast(cos work held all of u to our office seats) but at least had a nice treat from him(I should say it here...:)) when he landed up in our office in the evening that day.
All the three of us rakesh, divya and me couldn't eat a lot, as we usually do eat all that we would have eaten throughout the day in one dinner!!
We presented him a Calvin and Hobbes book...Divs 'n' me loved it, so did he.
In the hotel other than the food and rakesh's bag(:)), we could not help notice a couple of kids.

Kid1:: She was cute girl about 10years old wearing a beautiful pattu paavadai, she was occupying a table next to ours.She was very much attracted to our table that she stood next to us when ever time permitted and kept concentrating into all our eating and talking.

Kid2:: She was a tiny 5year old, plump and happy.She walked in with her mom.The kid was wearing a shorts and pink t-shirt.She came in eating from a bag of popcorn.Well she walked out after half an hour, still eating out of the same bag.She left divs wondering where the pop corn packet was an akshayapatram!!:D

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The First Documentation

Working for about 10 hours a day for one whole month(sometimes even 12 hrs), I finally finished the documentations of my first project.God it sure was very tiring and ofcourse I learnt a lot of things and worked with a huge group of people to get the stuff finalised with no errors.

I had written, re written and made copies for more than 20 times to get the final document.There were abour four documents on the whole.Each of them had taken a painful time to get done.When we finally finished it and pressed send mail button, to send it to client, I was jumping in joy that it was all over.

With a lot of pain in the mind and too much work in hand I have spent days together at work to finish this assignment.Hope I get the much needed appreciation for my work.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let her Live

Its not a week ago had I read in the news that female foeticide is on a huge rise. Its the new age sustituite to female infanticide.In this way a female child is killed even before its born and this is done finding the sex of the unborn child.This is quite an alarming issue because the male to female ratio is fast decresing...and in the near future men never find women to marry!

The sad part of the whole issue is parents are failing to look at girl babies as humans, they look at them as future liabilties, on whom they need to spend money.If a boy child is born won't they spend on him too, won't they educate him and after all this he goes to a job and earns.Don't girls too do all these now a days.

The greed of the medical practitioners, they say, has lead to this huge rise in sex based killings.So as usual the govt. has found dumb ways of stopping this.Thay are going to punish the doctors who do this!!From reservation to Abortion, the govt. can never think about the root cause of the problem I think.

I seriously feel that the mindset of the people should be changed, they should be made to understand that women are very important to the society.The dumb practice of giving and taking dowry should be abolished.Men should be made to realise that is a shame for them to take money from a girl's family when he can earn his living.A realisation should come that taking money from someone to make a good living for your family and taking care of your wife is equivalent to beggary.When will they ever change themselves to be men,in the true sense they think of themselves to be.

Even after so many years of freedom and reforms, many parts of our country this killikg hasn't stopped.Why speak about Nithari when the whole country is doing it to the unborn..This is the sad state of the country that has many female gods and worships mother and nature and in the darker side kills women and baby girls.We are killing ourselves fearing ourselvles..think about it.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yet another b'day has come(27th feb) has come and gone..These were the two cakes I cut for this b'day..
The white cake was cut with my friends and the pink cake was cut with my office team!
I thank all the people in my gang and my team for making this b'day a very memorable and an extremely pleasant experience...I treated my gang and my team had fun in my b'day bash[:D]
thank u ppl..thanks a lot..
I was totally exhausted on my b'day because of all the running around I had to take up...Though it was tiring I still enjoyed the whole day..due to the working days that ensued tat day I ended up making a very late update!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

RaMya grows a year older

Back to blog...this time its about Ramya's b'day blast.We all(the gang) got together at her place cut this cute pooh cake and it tasted great...we got her a cute dress for this b'day...after that she took us out for a treat..She had actually over fed us at her home but still she wanted to make everthing official and so took us out too!!
so this post is to wish her all success this year and thank her for helping us celebrate her birthday to the best of our abilities...this post is also to thank her for the great treat she gave the gang!!
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

yiippeee..Back To Bloggin..2007

Hello fellow bloggers,

I am finally back to my blog space!
I did not have the convenience of a net access for the past few months and even after I got to access the net, my memory failed me..that is I forgot my password to blogger!!

Now somehow I tried all that I could and found the password to this place.
In the nxt few posts I will write about a few stuffs I did in 2006, my experiences and the things I learnt...most of it was fun and some were bad ones..well I will try to b here most often here after.
note:frequent bloggin will b added in my agenda(read as resolution) for this year!
will keep ya posted bye

A Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes

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