Thursday, September 27, 2007

Living in another world

Its been over a month since I came to America.Like every other Indian here I first wanted to rpack my bags and run back home.But that was not possible, so I had to resume to the fact that I will live in this land and start understanding its culture and people.

Observation 1:
When you are told something you can agree and disagree openly.Nothing wrong in saying no I don't like it that way.
Observation 2:
You can do what ever you want as long as the people next to you don't object of it..meaning you don't bother them or intrude their private space.
Observation 3:
If the law states something is to be done, you do it.There is no saying no to what is mandatory.
Observation 4:
Public display of emotions is perfectly OK!
Observation 5:
You say NO MEAT for veggie stuff!

These are a few of the things I saw here, these are just a small portion what I have to say.But these are the things that keep standing out in everyday life here.

No wonder they say this is a land of opportunities and lots of freedom.
SAy NO to Reservation!


rAKeSH said...

Interesting observations.... :)

ajit said...

Ahhhh...tats life!

ajit said...

much better thn India ...tats wat i mean