Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The First Documentation

Working for about 10 hours a day for one whole month(sometimes even 12 hrs), I finally finished the documentations of my first project.God it sure was very tiring and ofcourse I learnt a lot of things and worked with a huge group of people to get the stuff finalised with no errors.

I had written, re written and made copies for more than 20 times to get the final document.There were abour four documents on the whole.Each of them had taken a painful time to get done.When we finally finished it and pressed send mail button, to send it to client, I was jumping in joy that it was all over.

With a lot of pain in the mind and too much work in hand I have spent days together at work to finish this assignment.Hope I get the much needed appreciation for my work.

SAy NO to Reservation!