Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yet another b'day has come(27th feb) has come and gone..These were the two cakes I cut for this b'day..
The white cake was cut with my friends and the pink cake was cut with my office team!
I thank all the people in my gang and my team for making this b'day a very memorable and an extremely pleasant experience...I treated my gang and my team had fun in my b'day bash[:D]
thank u ppl..thanks a lot..
I was totally exhausted on my b'day because of all the running around I had to take up...Though it was tiring I still enjoyed the whole day..due to the working days that ensued tat day I ended up making a very late update!

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SAy NO to Reservation!


Anonymous said...

Wher dou work??.. Now that u r working, rename ur "vetti times" blog.
Cheers & Happy birthday,

Ramya said...

hi de ponne sorry for the late reply.absolutely we had a grt fun on ur bday and the treat at HSB was very grt too.thk u de ponne.needodi vaazhga:-)

aparna said...

@ramkumar->The name vettitimes is for all the ramblings wen I am vetti..b/w any work!And thanks for ur wishes!

@ramya->U r welcome ramya.I too enjoyed a lot with u ppl!