Saturday, November 24, 2007

whY ME?

Many times in life I have sat down thinking why me god?

"Am I the one you chose to love or the one you hate to love,
or the one you never want to cease to learn."

I am terribly dazed by the ways of two days, since I started my masters, have I slept with the same feeling.Today is yet another sulking saturday.I feel like screaming at god..NOW THIS!!WHAT OTHER PLANS HAVE YOU GOT FOR ME? IF trouble is all that you can give me...why don't you go a step further and kill me?
I know god might be thinking, well u never asked "why me?", when all the happiness of the world was at my feet...Well I never asked him "Why me", but I sure thanked him everyday for the life he had blessed me with.

A stitch in the soul, a constant rub to keep the wounds fresh.On top of this someone rubs salt on the open wound and asks me "do you feel ok now?".

SAy NO to Reservation!


ajit said...
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--xh-- said...

sometimes, we all feel teh same. but, nothing lasts for long. So, this phase also will pass soon. take care.