Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Post Miscellany

I have a hundred odd things to write about..Let me put everything in tis one post and rest in peace.

1.Reservation and raging protests
The government never understands what students say and does not want to listen...They think the public are fools fighting for no reason..Can't they(govt.) stop and think about what we r saying..The HRD minister makes dumb changes now and is not going to live for ever to see the chaos its gonna create in the future..We have to live with the damn good for nothing policies.

2.Terrorists attacks in INDIA
With the case on the Bombay blasts in 1993, not yet come to an end, we have had 2 more blasts in around that place killing large number of people.
"Justice delayed is justice denied."--->I seriously think our judicial system has to speed up and give judgements at a faster pace!

3.ICC and Dhoni!
I don't know whether this is of much concern to others, but I did feel bad when I did not see Dhoni's name in any of award nominations.I don't know how his name had not been considered at all, after all he is a man who stayed at the top of the ICC ranking even though it was for an ephemeral period.What ever happens brand Dhoni does mean a lot here in INDIA!...And the man himself is a darling of the cricketing fanatics!

4.Surya and Jo tie the Knot
The most talked about wedding took place in Chennai yesterday.Actor Surya married his Co-star and long time love Jyothika in a star studded ceremony yesterday...They make a wonderful pair and share a great chemistry on screen and off it..A very loved pair in south India, they are made for each other...I wish them a happy married life...

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SAy NO to Reservation!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Day

Wishing all the fellow bloggers a very happy blog day.
Blog day is being celebrated today.
In order to celebrate this day well, one is supposed to put up atleast 5 other blog names in this celebratin post.These blogs should have impressed one in some way or the other!!
I will add my list soon!!gimme some time to look around!

SAy NO to Reservation!