Sunday, April 05, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

For all those who did not know that there is something called earth hour, read this before continuing to read this post.

As you would be knowing by now, the earth hour is an event to create awareness about how our planet is being mismanaged and plundered by us.Being a part of generation that has been seeing the constant changes in the global climate map, I feel more such events should be organized.

I am from the Chennai Metro, a metro known for one of the worst water scarcities in the summers. I was born and raised in Chennai and I personally have seen how over the years the summers got hotter and the water scarcity worse.When I was a kid, the corporation rationed water to us on hourly basis, but our wells still had water. Over the years,the wells started drying up, so we got water from the bore wells. Soon, the bores dried up too, so we had to buy water from tankers. Not to ask about the heat.It became unbearable in the late 90s, that we were forced to buy air-conditioning to all the bedrooms in our house.

Moving out of India, I moved to Florida, the sunshine state. The heat here is unbearable in summers and the winter had become too cold too. The sun here pierces your skin, you can actually feel your skin burning in the heat.

With so much changing and the weather reports showing 100 year worst temperatures, we need to wake up to the call and take measures to conserve our ecosystem and save our future generations from further problems.

Here are the pics from the earth hour 09..they are so beautiful

SAy NO to Reservation!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Home and Back

I was home a month ago. It is just like yesterday, I wake up in my little room to smell fresh sambar, hear crows kawing away to glory and the most wonderful thing of all watch my mom walk around the house calling out to me to wake up.Ah! pure bliss.

Here I am back in my second home, wake up into a cold silent morning. Do the morning duties, eat a lone breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, grab my bag and run to work.
Work all day, get back home. A dark silent home, start cooking for dinner, eat dinner chat with a couple of friends, thank the lord for giving me a day and go to sleep.

I am not sure if I am happy or sad, all I know is I miss home.I miss waking up my brother, driving my mom mad, irritating my friends and going out in the evenings everyday. Reflecting on it, life looks more filled with activities back home, every breath had an event following it....Miss u ppl :(

SAy NO to Reservation!