Friday, September 09, 2005

under_Graduate Recovers after Exam(GRE)

Well, first of all I thank my parents and friends for putiing up with my nonsense for the past one month.I went mad preparing for GRE(Graduate Record Exam).Now that I finished it(donot even think of askin me for the score),I am planning to concentrate more on non education oriented eatin,sleepin,watching t.v,and the cycle continues.I learnt a few words that i used to abuse my friends and my brother alike.I owe a lot to all of u ppl(friends,ajit&parents) for helping me work towards a impossible deadline (impossible till today).

Friday, September 02, 2005

Today the 2nd of sep

Well I am trying to put in this blog , from now on what happens everyday...
I can't promise this, but I'll try keeping up my words.

Today was an xtremely normal day, except for that I was xtra low in spirits.I think I was thinking too much about studies.Well I cheered up towards the end of the day.I did my test well I guess????Then bck home.. notin much.