Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Its christmas once again..the time of the year when sharing and giving are ways to express one's love to fellow beings.
Sitting in one corner of a bedroom I have nothing to do but to trace back to the most eventful christmas eve and christmas nights of my life.I have not had many eventful ones so just a few to recall..and amongst them I enjoyed the christmas of 2006 the most.

The Angel of Christmas recent Past :D
I was in Pune last christmas..one of my friends Miss.E was missing home a lot and wanted to go back for a christmas dinner.We all wished we could do something to help her.So the gang got together and planned a cool suprise christmas night party for her.We collected enuff funds, and made up nice stories to make it a suprise for her.We went to the christmas sale in the biggest malls in Pune and looked for gifts for our chris kids.In the process made miss E to choose her gift without her realising it.
Then one of my friends, according to the plan, made up a story of a bad mood due to a fight with his girl friend. So he said he wanted to go to a movie, he said he wanted miss E to go with him to the movie so we could have some fun.I had a hell of a time faking the whole thing.So finally we went to "Bhagam Bhag"..not a very impressive movie, but for a movie we had to watch only till the interval it was good enuff.So after the interval we got the call from the rest of the gang that the party floor was ready.
Now my other friend said we need to rush back home as some other friend of ours was very sick.So we went back half way thru the movie.Miss E was lil upset abt the whole thingy...as she was not home..no christmas dinner...no church mass...now one friend had fought with his gf and another was sick.
But on getting back home when we all wished her merry christmas and served her christmas dinner she was in tears...We were so happy to have made someone's christmas day tat time.As for the gifts..she was so happy to get the things she loved.

Its true that in there is more fun in giving than in receiving.
Wish u all a merry christmas...Missing home a lot now :(.

SAy NO to Reservation!


ajit said...

nice ones of ur ILP days rt,semma time rt

--xh-- said...

that was a wonderful way to make ones' chirstmas day :)

Mark IV said...

merry christmas... happy new year... pongalo pongal... thamizh puththandu nalvaazhthukkal... deepavali wishes... seasons greetings... welcome back to earth!