Friday, July 21, 2006

Lifting a BAN

DoT has finally bowed down to pressure from the online community of bloggers and internet users.

With the pressure from online communities and bloggers, blogs have been re-opened from yesterday(I am sure)..Well the silly thing tat the ISPs did was that they had blocked an entire domain like blogspot, typepad..wen the govt. had told them to block specific sites!.

DoT goes on defensive

The ban and me::

Now that the ban has been lifted, I really happy to go abt visiting all my fav blogs...When the ban came into existence on monday, I had finished exactly one year in blogging world.i was feeling a little bad that the ban had to come to b on that exact day..At first I tot there was something wrong with my blog.Then wen I went to c my friend's blog I could not open it too..Immediately I went to see if something was wrong with my connection.On reconnecting again, I did not find any improvement in the condition.Then I checked out my browser settings, I found that everything was fine.So I came to conclusion that there was some problem with the domain name...It was then tat my friend told me about the ban..I immediately went on to read about it on online news sites..I expressed my displeasure in all the forums in I was the member, I also hoped that this ban had come over for a temporary period and the government will act soon on the blogging community's displeasure....Well the government did work quick on this issue!!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

A year In Blog world

Today marks exactly a year from the day I started this blog!!
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Zizou's Magic

Tears rolled down my cheeks,during the finals of the football world cup, when the Italians lifted the cup.The cup I wanted Zizuo to lift,and sure he would, was now in the hands of the other team.This feeling was not new to me, I felt the same way when the Aussies lifted the cricket world cup and the Indians stood there watching it as losers!!
When the magical piper, Zizou was given the red card in this final the French dream of the world cup came down crashing..As it had always been said, if Zidane plays France plays!
The reason for his(Zinedine Zidane) behaviour remains unknown..but he could have kept his temper a bit cool, atleast in his last International appearence ever.It was a game well played and lost cos the magical captain had left the field!!Though the French can feel happy about the second position, they still have a reason to feel bad.."Feel bad about losing a match in which victory was very close".
Anyways Zizou still got the best player award in this WC..Zidane polled 2012 points in the vote by journalists covering the tournament, beating Italians Fabio Cannavaro (1977 points) and Andrea Pirlo (715 points) in the ballot.
All came to a close with a good celebrations tat was a treat to the eyes...Germany sure made this worldcup a memorable one...Way to go Germany!
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sleeping with a Sickness

Can sleeping ever be a problem, may be too much or too little of sleep could cause problems, but there is another kind of sleep that is a dangerous disease! Yes its a disease called SLEEPING SICKNESS which is very prevalent in Africa.The disease is so prevalent there that, its called an endemic disease in these regions.

Today by chance I watched a show on BBC about this disease.African trypanosomiasis, as its also called,is a parasitic disease in people and in animals.Its caused by protozoa of genus Trypanosoma and transmitted by the tsetse fly.People in over 36 countries making up 60 million people are infected by this disease. It is estimated that 300,000 - 500,000 people are infected, and about 40,000 die every year. Three major epidemics have occurred in the past hundred years, in 1896 - 1906, 1920, and 1970.The problem with this disease is that, the disease is only spread by mosquitoes but, it needs an infected person first to get mosquito infected. Thus the irradication of the disease amongst the humans takes center stage rather than irradicating the mosquitoes that act as vectors carrying the parasite around.

The show went on to elaborate on the steps taken by WHO to help people in the interiors of Africa especially those settled close to the Congo river.WHO is providing medicines free of cost to help combat the deadly disease.But the medicines provided by them are typically as old as 30 years in formula and hence they fear the resistance of the parasite to the medicine, thus making it an incurable disease.

The disease by itself is very deady because it affects the brain, the center of all bodily activity.It causes the person to fall asleep at short intervals followed by extremely active or a simple wakeful state. Depending on the degree of the disease,a person could suffer various problems.It was a pathetic sight to see those people suffering from the disease in the UN run hospitals in Africa.

What I felt very bad is that even though we humans have come a long way in technology, the progress in the field of medicine to save life has been too small..or has slowed down drastically. We still stick on penicillin, which was discovered way back in the past!! I wouldn't say people are not doing anything but,I just feel technology is making us blind to real needs.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Defeat of the Mighty Brazilians

The match between Brazil and French was simply superb...well being in India has this inconvinience of having to watch the match into the early hours of the morning..I somehow kept myself awake to watch this match, and ofcourse watched the England Vs Portugal match before tat.

History repeats itself...tats wats the commentator said yesterday, so true were his words...England had never won a Penalty shoot out, and yesterday again the very same penalty shoot out destroyed their world cup dream..

IN the case of Brazil, they had lost to the French in 1998 world cup, and it happened again!...Just a single goal scored by the French had taken them into the next level, the Brazils on the other hand were equally matched ,yet they could not goal that levelling goal....It was indeed a little teary, but both the teams were really well matched and one had to lose..Brazil fought it out real well...Great job!!

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