Saturday, November 24, 2007

whY ME?

Many times in life I have sat down thinking why me god?

"Am I the one you chose to love or the one you hate to love,
or the one you never want to cease to learn."

I am terribly dazed by the ways of two days, since I started my masters, have I slept with the same feeling.Today is yet another sulking saturday.I feel like screaming at god..NOW THIS!!WHAT OTHER PLANS HAVE YOU GOT FOR ME? IF trouble is all that you can give me...why don't you go a step further and kill me?
I know god might be thinking, well u never asked "why me?", when all the happiness of the world was at my feet...Well I never asked him "Why me", but I sure thanked him everyday for the life he had blessed me with.

A stitch in the soul, a constant rub to keep the wounds fresh.On top of this someone rubs salt on the open wound and asks me "do you feel ok now?".

SAy NO to Reservation!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Toiling on tuesdays

Yeah u read the heading right..tuesdays are the days I fear the most they are the days I have to wake up as early as 6.30am(well this is early considering I sleep at 1 or 2am).OK let me continue...on Tuesdays i have 6 hrs of classes in sub zero temperatures.

Enga class la A/C temperature yevaen set pannurannu feels like antartica all around the week.Its so damn cold in the class that I wear a sweater to class.

To add to the misery of the cold air and extreme lighting...I get feel hungry immediately after the class the end of 50 mins I hear growls of my stomach.But I will have to attend the next class in next ten minutes...So I sit there hoping no one heard my stomach :(

As the day proceeds..I become dull and bored,not that I look any better in the morning.It simply that I look worse.Then I get back home as soon as possible so that I can gulp down a hot mug of coffee...its then I wake up since morning.

Now I am pretty used to this kind of life...It was worst day in the beginning of the semester...I still remember the first tuesday of the semester, I came back home so exhausted tat I called up my brother and told how horrible the day was I did not speak for the rest day...I slept late into the next day...

But then I learnt one useful lesson from my brother, if over work..u should party equally as it will help rejuvenate us...So I rewarded myself with a movie the next day.

Tuesdays still remain the toughest days..but atleast I have a longer week end compared to all my roomies :).
SAy NO to Reservation!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Post Project Polambals(PPP)

Here I am,sitting in my living room...done nothing the whole day except playing around youtube and couple of forums in which I am a member only to look around and say...yikes I did not know all of that----no more technology news to be read!!

This post is all about the state of utter useless I have put myself after successfully messing up an important submission.Yeah!!
I messed it up big did not even work in the last I could not sleep the whole night and ended up watching two movies and still shudder at the very thought of my grades.

Putting all these behind my head I planned to give myself a good treatment today, I am wasting the whole 24 hours over absolutely useless stuff..reading online news..technical reviews of good for nothing stuff..watching songs, movies and eating the wierd more kozhambu I made.

At any given point of time I wish I had a chance to go back in life and undo my actions..but no scope for it I redo same mistakes and think oh next time I will get it rt!!

I dono wat the $@#@ I have been doing all those years in engg...even now everything looks greek and latin to me.Now here are the top 5 things I was ruminating about today..

1.Why did I ever want to do graduate studies in graduation acc to India?A ridiculous question to ask myself.

2.Whats wrong with my hairline..looks like the first signs of stress is horrible hairfall with extreme shifts in hairline :(

3.Why do movies make me happy, when all they do, is show unreal other words reality beats the crap out of me :((

4.Why is my stupid friend not online today...Imagine how bad life can be when messengers had not been there..

5.Why does the laundromat mix up my dress colors..look at this once a white t-shirt..looks multi colored now..

Well this is were the top five picks...there are even more things I had tot about..but due to my inherent laziness to type too many stuff I sign off...Will be back with more, less interesting posts :D

SAy NO to Reservation!