Friday, August 17, 2007

Came to Ameriga..(One more Desi)

Back to blogging after long..hoping to be frequent here after.
Looking back into my life, the most fast and difficult times have been the ones I have been having in the past few months.
From leaving my job to taking the flight to the US to pursue further studies, all happened too quickly and left very little time to ponder on.
Now that I am here in the USA, I see no great thing like I used to feel for my friends who left a year before me to pursue further studies.Well u r here tats all u have no other feeling other than that.I guess I miss my home more and enjoy being here less.
Getting back to the story, I came here on aug 3rd. The whole flight journey itself was something that I need to write about.

Day Aug 3rd time:01:45am
I board the flight to frankfurt.Its a huge plane and as per the statistics of the day was completely filled.
Luckily there were no wailing kids in the plane,these specimen add more problems to the already irritating flight travel.With moms and dads walking up and down the tiny aisle to put these cryin monsters to sleep(This does not mean I hate babies, it means crying kids with parents who can't manage them are not fit to travel in planes.)
Coming back, I sat next to a mom and a lil daughter, they were a very quite family flying to chicago.I ate some really good tasting biriyani and went to sleep. I woke up to find pokirri being played on the tv.I watched it while eating steaming pongal and vada.

Landing in frankfurt was the most boring part, it was a huge airport in frankfurt.I had to walk from one end to the other end to board my flight.But I had a 4 hour stop and nothing to do and no money to spend( No euros I had only money in $$).SO I xchged some money for a few euros, bought a gatorade and browsed and called home with a calling card.

Well i moved around the airport for about 3 hours it was like eternity to me as I knew not the language, nor the place :)
It was way too cold than i tot it should have been say 16degC.God it was a hell of a time.

From there to Charlotte in US was pretty un evenful, except that it was uncomfotable to sit in between two ppl and sleep.
Charlotte's airport was a huge beautiful place.It looked very impressive and loved every inch of that place.

My first coffee:
I went to a coffee shop in the airport to get myself a coffee so that I would feel better.I asked for a small coffee and wat I got was over 1/2 a liter of coffee, not too sure but it was way too big to b called small.Then I drank it for about half hour(it was lots of coffee per persona and was also hot.)
Met a couple of ppl travelling to ma univ and then the rest of journey was fine and nothing to take note of.

Thats all for now...more in the nxt post!!

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