Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Toiling on tuesdays

Yeah u read the heading right..tuesdays are the days I fear the most they are the days I have to wake up as early as 6.30am(well this is early considering I sleep at 1 or 2am).OK let me continue...on Tuesdays i have 6 hrs of classes in sub zero temperatures.

Enga class la A/C temperature yevaen set pannurannu theriyala...yabba..it feels like antartica all around the week.Its so damn cold in the class that I wear a sweater to class.

To add to the misery of the cold air and extreme lighting...I get feel hungry immediately after the class starts..at the end of 50 mins I hear growls of my stomach.But I will have to attend the next class in next ten minutes...So I sit there hoping no one heard my stomach :(

As the day proceeds..I become dull and bored,not that I look any better in the morning.It simply that I look worse.Then I get back home as soon as possible so that I can gulp down a hot mug of coffee...its then I wake up since morning.

Now I am pretty used to this kind of life...It was worst day in the beginning of the semester...I still remember the first tuesday of the semester, I came back home so exhausted tat I called up my brother and told how horrible the day was I did not speak for the rest day...I slept late into the next day...

But then I learnt one useful lesson from my brother, if over work..u should party equally as it will help rejuvenate us...So I rewarded myself with a movie the next day.

Tuesdays still remain the toughest days..but atleast I have a longer week end compared to all my roomies :).
SAy NO to Reservation!


--xh-- said...

:-) Morning ordeal of strait six hours.. Wash it down with a party as your bro said. During our second/third semester, there where days we had classes from 8.30 morning to 12 night - that too in freezing cold. The best way to combat your hunger is to get some muesli bars and much it during the recess. and hey, that calvin strip aptly suits ur blog... i lOVE Calvin and Hobbs

aparna said...

hmm rt..I am learning to eat between classes..I munch away to glory..As for Calvin and Hobbes I luv them they one of things that de-stress me :D

ramya said...

when sitting in a/c office can make me feel cold or shiver at times,then feeling more than this sitting in ur ms classes is not a big deal.. he he he...:-) chumma oru velayaatu dhaan...unnoda blog-la comment panniten ,at last!!!!calvin &&hobbes - imagine how crazy we used to be about them then,as well as now... nice pic(k)

ajit said...

ondra varusham yekka poruthunda...vazhkai shemama irukum...aneways ensoi ameriga!

Anju said...

Aparna, i kinda took a copy of your Calvin comic strip. I hope you don't mind.. :p

It reminded me of MYSELF rite now..couldn't resist it. Had to put it up on my blog.