Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My experience with DishNetwork

So here is how my experience with DishNetwork customer care goes:
I call at 10 pm local time and a someone named Danielle takes my call.
I tell her that I have been charged extra for a technician visit. The technician had to visit as the new Dish they set up was not working and had been giving trouble for 1 month or so.She goes on to ask some related questions, puts me on hold and comes back and tells me we charge for technician visits, as you are under a subscription, we charge you a lesser fee. I go on to explain that I was not told that this charge was coming and that the customer care could not help me on the phone and they themselves offered to send in a technician to look at the problem. She again went on the whole loop of explaining the plan and the charges. I told her again that I was not told about this and the dish network connection was not working correctly, even after trouble shooting on the phone they could not resolve it, so its something they offered to help me with, so how is it fair to charge me?
From the dialogue that followed hence I understood that I had not paid any extra fees to get this subsidized price, so I should not be making this call about paying this amount. I was very frustrated at this, it is none of anyone's business to decide how much I can pay. I then told her,I am disappointed and that they should understand what I am telling, but she was more keen on explaining their side of the charges.Following which I went on a rant of how I feel that I should just not complain or what(I feel this is unfair blah blah) and then the phone went blank for a few minutes, I thought she hung up and so I said hello, after which she comes back, I ask her one final time if she can do something, all I got was a no.
I mean what kind ugly service was this, they are making it look as though I was asking for something wrong. I was asking them why would they charge to repair something that they had not set up correctly.If they could have troubleshooted on the phone then they could have right? They could not, and so they sent the technician in. They were giving me the idea that they are subsidizing the price for me for no extra cost and so I should not make a fuss. I am telling them,its not a problem of how much to pay, its about informing me before, not surprising me with an amount on my bill.
Well, after numerous phone calls and lots of technician visits the service is restored, but at the end of it, I am not sure if I will extend this contract or call their customer(don't)care again.

SAy NO to Reservation!