Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ratatouille-Anyone can cook

Watching movies is always fun and nothing can substitute a good movie, the fun and entertainment it provides.I love cartoons over any real movies cause, I love them.Well yesterday i had an opportunity to watch the Disney Pixar animation movie Ratatouille.

It was such an entertaining movie, the rat remme, wants to be a cook and wants to make use of its inborn ability to smell good food and know the taste of good things by just smelling it.
The whole story is based in Paris, the way the movie brought the Paris to life in an animation is simply magic("Disney ppl who come to my univ always say we make magic reality").

The story goes like wats told in this preview:

Here are a few things I loved in a movie:
-->the rat..he was very very cute with a good presence of mind.

-->The dialogs were too good and well found meanings in the movie and had messages for ppl of all ages and backgrounds.

-->The visuals were stunning and too good that often I thought I was seeing the real place or thing.

-->I loved the way the rats gave importance to family,clan and finally joined hands to support the true desire and ability of one among them.

-->The movie stressed on importance of friendship and respecting promises.

-->The movie also made us think that our perspective of things need not be the same and right compared to others(When the dad rat says humans are bad, remme proves him wrong and changes his perspective)

Thus it was a very cute movie and a wonderful way to put nice messages together for people to understand without really knowing they are coming across such messages.
Watch it,u will surely like it.
Ratatouille, u made it!!

SAy NO to Reservation!


ajit said...

ya saw the trailr on utube was gr8!
i missed it...ensaai

Mark IV said...

u know evolution is going the wrong way down when u need to look for philosophy, cuteness, intelligence and love in RATS!!!
wat happened to the good old days when ppl resigned to more practical applications of rats such as dissection?!!!!!

aparna said...

@ ajit--> U too try to see the movie

@ markiv->well the movie did show them as cute lil things...and yeah don't remind be about dissection and the way cbse changed rules when we had a chance to set our hands upon rats:((

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