Sunday, January 07, 2007

yiippeee..Back To Bloggin..2007

Hello fellow bloggers,

I am finally back to my blog space!
I did not have the convenience of a net access for the past few months and even after I got to access the net, my memory failed me..that is I forgot my password to blogger!!

Now somehow I tried all that I could and found the password to this place.
In the nxt few posts I will write about a few stuffs I did in 2006, my experiences and the things I learnt...most of it was fun and some were bad ones..well I will try to b here most often here after.
note:frequent bloggin will b added in my agenda(read as resolution) for this year!
will keep ya posted bye

A Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes

SAy NO to Reservation!


nabeel said...

hi..happy new year.

nice to see to you back.

Bharathi said...

Happy New Year :)
It will be nice if you keep up your resolution ;)

rAKeSH said...

hey welcome back.
A very belated happy new year....

Ramya said...

hey even i am also back.happy blogging.