Monday, March 31, 2008


The month of March has always been very important in my life.Not just because the board exams are scheduled to happen this time of the year, its also because its the first month after I was born :D.
Many Significant things happened during various March in my life some sad, some happy and there were uneventful Marches too.
But the March of '08 is one of the most cherished ones in my life(March of '07 became one such March after some events that followed it).But coming back to March'08, I went back home after a long time.For a person who had never left home for more than 2 months an eight month stay outside ones homeland is a huge time.
I was back home for just 17 days, but filled all the days with as much things I could do in a day.I enjoyed a lot with my brother.I missed him the most in my life outside home, he was a lot of support and gave me lots of insane ideas.Even at the most diff situation his advice could bring smile to my lips.
I missed the sounds of the day in an average Chennai day.Simple things like the milk cooker whistling, the birds chirping, the vegetable vendor crying hoarse to sell vendakai, the cobbler calling out for torn slippers.I missed the mosquitoes, I missed the bumps on the road..I was missing everything that had been a part of my life in the city.Most of all I missed home, the smell of mom's cooking.
I took all of these things I missed and tried to take in all of them in one go.One March, a two week period, I lived the life meant for the next one year in India.
I would never agree that I had enuff of it, but still I made an attempt to get content with this trip.
It felt like time was flying, indeed March just marched past me.

This is a post to thank all my friends and my dear family for putting up with my
insanity.I miss all of u a lot.Spl thanks to those ppl who bunked work to go out with me ;)..I know I have taken a lot of your casual hols, hope u would agree it was all worth it :).

SAy NO to Reservation!