Sunday, July 22, 2007

When bench mates came home :D

My friends who were also my bench mates(well everyone does bench when they start working in an IT company) had come to my home for lunch, we had loads of fun!!
They were supposed to have come to my house at around one.They made it home from office at around 2.We played around for sometime, then we had lunch.After lunch we laughed our way to the ground(we actually fell off our chairs laughing!!)
Then one of my friends was supposed to make carrot halwa.Due to lack of time, she said she would bring it next day.She did it bring what a halwa it was, she mad the best halwa I had ever eaten...Hey div2, it was simply superb yaar.
We then left to office in an auto.The auto fellow asked an extra 10 rupees.When asked why he told us if four people travel in an auto he will have to spend xtra petrol..COOOLLL explanation!

SAy NO to Reservation!


Rakesh turned a year older this month.
It was his birthday on 20th.We sure did not have a blast(cos work held all of u to our office seats) but at least had a nice treat from him(I should say it here...:)) when he landed up in our office in the evening that day.
All the three of us rakesh, divya and me couldn't eat a lot, as we usually do eat all that we would have eaten throughout the day in one dinner!!
We presented him a Calvin and Hobbes book...Divs 'n' me loved it, so did he.
In the hotel other than the food and rakesh's bag(:)), we could not help notice a couple of kids.

Kid1:: She was cute girl about 10years old wearing a beautiful pattu paavadai, she was occupying a table next to ours.She was very much attracted to our table that she stood next to us when ever time permitted and kept concentrating into all our eating and talking.

Kid2:: She was a tiny 5year old, plump and happy.She walked in with her mom.The kid was wearing a shorts and pink t-shirt.She came in eating from a bag of popcorn.Well she walked out after half an hour, still eating out of the same bag.She left divs wondering where the pop corn packet was an akshayapatram!!:D

SAy NO to Reservation!