Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Volvo Adventure

Ajit(my brother) had won the second place in the Volvo Adventure awards(yaayaay).He got the national second place.There were about 50 enteries from all over the country.Our team(ya I was one of the guides), made it to the second place.
I was very happy about this,we were called for a press meet and there ajit and his collegue had to formally present the project for the press and the Volvo ppl.
Ajit did a great job, he spoke with the rt modulation and there was no tinge of nervousness or stammer in his voice.
He answered the press ppl well and looked very confident.The response from the media was also very good, all of them made it a point to congratulate him for his good work and the ppl from Volvo were extremely impressed and said tat our team should come back to win the next time.
The winners were a school from Madurai.Their project was simply about water conservation, but they had done an impressive work.
I use this article to congratulate all the participants and the winners of Volvo adventure...I also specially congratulate Ajit(he seriously did a great job).

link to that site

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Webophilia and Me

A few days ago my system had shown some problems due to which I had to quit browsing for 5 full days...(:|
As the days without browsing began increasing, I started getting irritated for everything else tat went wrong.So I wanted to find out if there are more ppl who suffer from this kind of addiction ;).So I simply typed "WEBOPHILIA" in google search(I google for everythin these days).
Guess wat I found,
Excessive Internet use that harms personal relationships 
or affects work performance could be classified as a new
psychiatric disorder that could effect businesses,
researchers at University of Florida said.

and it also said::::
Bloggers are high risk

Great news rt....May b I am still not in these high risk group as I don't blog really regularly :D!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Demonstration

The "Demonstration" stated above is my project's final working demonstration.My project finally, note it """finally""" began working today only.
I already had many tensions about the dumb coding, and wen I completed the whole stuff, it was riotin against me and refused to yield results.Then towards the evening, we(me and me friends) found the dumb thing was working flawlessly on another system in my lab. So I shifted to the other system and showed the demo.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Strange pattern

In my previous post I had said tat my computer had crashed, but its not so, it suddenly sprang to life on friday. I dono how it started working.I was very happy that it had started working and all.But wen I had just began working on it, a black screen came in and then strange noises from the system started coming, finally wen I switched it off manually, I expected to restart properly.....surprise, It gave me OS not found errors(GR8)....But after an hour or so wen I switched it on,it started working as though it had no problems wat so ever..Even now it shows these errors very often than never.
If someone had similar problems tell me wats wrong here, or if u hav a valid reason for this kind of a problem pppppppplllllllllsssssss tell.(I am desperately lookin for a way!)

Friday, March 17, 2006

The crash

Its been a long time since I have posted here.Well this is not a post where I will once again go bck promising tat I will post regularly,its rather a post to inform you ppl tat my posting for the next one week is near to impossible.(As if I had been regular all these days)
All this is because my computer crashed:((...I did not exactly do anything to my computer( well i generally don't use it wisely :D)...It was because of my dumb UPS that did not work properly and wen there was a power failure, it had happily got switched off thus leading to a crash.The crash could hav either harmed my motherboard or my hard disk(god knows tat).I already know my my precious RAM is gone:@...I am yet to find out on wat else has been lost in this crash..

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Blog

These days I am bent upon adding a lot of stuff to my blog...Where ever I see something new in the internet, I get to know about it and begin adding it here....One day,not too long from ppl will not realise tat u r viewing my blog,but instead you will feel like u r viewing at an excessively cluttered space!!!

I hav to stop myself before that!!!God help me.

Soon or later my blog might get visually annoying...but do keep coming here ppl..