Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let her Live

Its not a week ago had I read in the news that female foeticide is on a huge rise. Its the new age sustituite to female infanticide.In this way a female child is killed even before its born and this is done finding the sex of the unborn child.This is quite an alarming issue because the male to female ratio is fast decresing...and in the near future men never find women to marry!

The sad part of the whole issue is parents are failing to look at girl babies as humans, they look at them as future liabilties, on whom they need to spend money.If a boy child is born won't they spend on him too, won't they educate him and after all this he goes to a job and earns.Don't girls too do all these now a days.

The greed of the medical practitioners, they say, has lead to this huge rise in sex based killings.So as usual the govt. has found dumb ways of stopping this.Thay are going to punish the doctors who do this!!From reservation to Abortion, the govt. can never think about the root cause of the problem I think.

I seriously feel that the mindset of the people should be changed, they should be made to understand that women are very important to the society.The dumb practice of giving and taking dowry should be abolished.Men should be made to realise that is a shame for them to take money from a girl's family when he can earn his living.A realisation should come that taking money from someone to make a good living for your family and taking care of your wife is equivalent to beggary.When will they ever change themselves to be men,in the true sense they think of themselves to be.

Even after so many years of freedom and reforms, many parts of our country this killikg hasn't stopped.Why speak about Nithari when the whole country is doing it to the unborn..This is the sad state of the country that has many female gods and worships mother and nature and in the darker side kills women and baby girls.We are killing ourselves fearing ourselvles..think about it.

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