Thursday, September 27, 2007

Living in another world

Its been over a month since I came to America.Like every other Indian here I first wanted to rpack my bags and run back home.But that was not possible, so I had to resume to the fact that I will live in this land and start understanding its culture and people.

Observation 1:
When you are told something you can agree and disagree openly.Nothing wrong in saying no I don't like it that way.
Observation 2:
You can do what ever you want as long as the people next to you don't object of it..meaning you don't bother them or intrude their private space.
Observation 3:
If the law states something is to be done, you do it.There is no saying no to what is mandatory.
Observation 4:
Public display of emotions is perfectly OK!
Observation 5:
You say NO MEAT for veggie stuff!

These are a few of the things I saw here, these are just a small portion what I have to say.But these are the things that keep standing out in everyday life here.

No wonder they say this is a land of opportunities and lots of freedom.
SAy NO to Reservation!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The FIRST Laptop

A laptop would be any software engg dream stuff.I am also one of those ppl who occasionally glanced up a couple of pages on the net and thought how nice would it be to have that pretty laptop on ma lap.
Finally the day has come when i can hold up one such machine and say, its mine and proudly put it on ma lap.
Yes finally i bought a laptop.For all detailed spec report look at the link below.
Well this is eventually the place from where i bought this computer.

On top of this I even setup my wireless network in my home so that it would be easy to roam about with my lappy through my house!!
Things can't get any better with laptops and wireless internet access.Its like a dream come true for someone like me!!
SAy NO to Reservation!