Monday, June 19, 2006


If you are a person belonging to Chennai, you would surely be knowing the misery of this system, the conditional access system, CAS in short.For all others, here is a brief look into what it means.

According to this system, anyone who wants to watch the paid channels on their t.v using cable network, have to buy a set top box, pay for the channels, the operators plus buy the set top box and only then can they see the channels of their choice.

This dumb system is put to use only in Chennai, I mean it cos, any house outside the city limits can still watch all the 100 odd channels without the set top box..
Why should the chennai ppl alone be left out watching channels of someone else's choice, while rest of the world can watch everything else...If you think I could have bought the set top box instead of grumbling, thats the point here...What I mean to say is why should we alone pay so many overheads when everyone else isn't.

In the name of regularisation and experimentation, this system was activated here...Have they still not drawn conclusions from this experiment, do they think this is taking them no where...If anyone thinks that way why don't they banish this dumb thing, I can't watch a single good movie because of it...I guess everyone else is content with limited choices huh!!!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Petrol Problems

I am back to blogging..This time I had been away from my system for quite long cos of travelling and this damn net connection does not work very often!
The new problem now is Petrol price hike!
The hike in petrol price has hit everyone hard and it does hurt a lot!
Now a days I find myself taking to public transport more frequently..I have not touched my scooter for long now...
Its indeed too bad on the govt's path to rise the price even after ppl told them tat they can't afford such prices...Just because its an essential thing, and ppl can't avoid using it, the govt. is trying to earn out of it!

Well here we go, the country again begins another protest tat would take us no where!
As if someone is gonna listen to "THE PEOPLE".

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Never Rains here

Where ever on earth it rains, it will never rain here, rt here in CHennai!
This place is sun god's own land where, not a cloud can pour his content on this piece of land where the tamils live and die!
I have heard a lot in the news, about rains in Kerala, Maharashtra, W.Bengal, even our loving and caring neigbours Karnataka.Its like raining cats and dogs in all these places with premature rains and long monsoons in all the states...And here in Chennai, summer is heating the life out of us..This is the place where the summer collection of the garment stores sells..This is the place where summer happens on earth.
Early sun rise, late sun set and between these its hot hot and terribly hot!
Fans mean nothing, cold water, multiple baths, talcum powder, prickly heat powder, pulled down curtains, staying in at nothing can save you from the heat.A cloudy day is a relief to the eyes, but the sun manages to do his duty within the few hours he is shone and the rest of the time can still pass his heat to ur wonderful skin, even through those soft clouds, mercilessly!
Its simply horrible here in chennai aaagggrrrhhh..
Sun god please take some rest and go holidaying in the Artics or some place na, give the rain god a chance to visit us!

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