Friday, December 21, 2007

Destination LA

It was 7.45 in the morning..I woke up from a night mare, a bad one at it.Looking around the room, I find all my things scattered on my side of the room and on the other side of the room we see my roomie completely wrapped up in 2 blankets..yeah it is a cold day.I was not able to go to sleep again, so I walk to brush my teeth, I open the tap and out flows very cold water and my hands instantly who said Florida is the sunshine state.I was going to leave to LA by the evening flight and all my clothes were unwashed and dirty.So I run to the launder-o-mat, the first thing after my coffee.
The flight was scheduled at 5.05 in the evening.I had not decided how to get to the airport still.I knew I can't take a bus from downtown..I don't know the very thought of getting there gives me chills.So I decide to take a taxi.I call up some local taxi guy..ask him to send the at 3.Now I find a more interesting problem, I have too less money to pay my taxi.
Life is no fun without a troubles here I had a lot of things to trouble me..I need to make my lunch and dinner(domestic flights within US starve ppl), I had to pack a couple of dresses and finally yeh finally I need a minimum of 40$ to get to the LA airport.So I went to the bus stop looking for a bus to go to an ATM alas, murphy's law was working so perfectly, there were no buses now..damn, I stood there for 20 mins all in vain..I turn around walk into my apartment complex..swish there goes a bus!!! I love my LUCK :)
So here I go thinking and thinking about how I am going to pay my taxi?Finally I hit reality..yes I could easily take the route to the airport via the neat ATM :D.
So finally I reached the airport via an ATM rich I paid my taxi and also reached to the airport on time.I sit and read a stupid good for nothing book...seriously I felt bad about my judgement skills to get a good book!.So here I am travelling all alone with a very boring book all the way to LA.

I am sure its gonna be a great boring trip, a trip I am seriously gonna get bored every second.Except for getting to LA, I was not interested in anything in the trip.

So I got to Atlanta next, the intermediate stop.I walked all over the airport and found the gate I had to take my flight from.I sat close to it and started thinking how the next two hrs was going to be.After sometime I got up to find a coffee shop.
Not that I was sleepy, but i was very thirsty, in a country were pure water was as costly as coffee, I decided to take coffee instead.I asked for a small cup of coffee and like I have already mentioned I got so much coffee, as much I should have had in the whole day.After pouring down a considerable amount in transit to my seat I drank up the coffee and started watching the tv in the terminal.Well the news was even more stupid to watch.So I kept looking at the ppl around, quite an entertainment.

Finally after a completely boring 5 and half hour flight, sitting near the window, totally immobile all the time I reached LA.I did not even sleep for 2 mins, the guy sitting next to me and the old lady next to him were snoring away to glory.I was wondering how ppl made it to wonderland in such restricted spaces, my legs were in extremely painful position and I was so thankful to reach LA..phew, long journey believe me..too long...Looks like I am growing old ;).

SAy NO to Reservation!


ajit said...

One thing i always feeel when i read ur post abt the us is tat "life at its best",
though at times its lonely there but ur tales frm CA with anki n rohan si gr8

--xh-- said...

man, that was some luck to miss teh bus - murphy @ his best. hope the time at LA compensates for teh boring travel u had...