Sunday, July 20, 2008

Loans, Water and Farmers

I have been reading the news for a couple of days now, I don't know why the loans to farmer, idea from the Indian govt. has attracted my attention so much.

I was just wondering on what the government is trying to do to these poor farmers.They are getting them the fish instead of helping them to fish.Hope you get it.One of the agendas of any government that comes to ruling in the center has been linking all the rivers of India.This idea of linking all the rivers is a hot topic till they come to power, after they come to power nobody even opens their mouth about this.
Hope you understand where I am going.

Let me now explain what I am thinking, the government is spending lots of money as loans to these poor farmers.Do they ever notice, why these farmers ever go into such a state of poverty. Most probably it would have been the failing monsoons or some crop disease. Its most likely the failing monsoon. While the northern parts of India is gifted with perennial rivers, the thirst of the south is quenched by the seasonal ones.So when the monsoon fails, the rivers too fail.If the rivers fail, the crops die and so do the farmers who are waiting to harvest them.

In order to make up for this loss of crops, what does the government do, give these farmers loans to live.Does the meager money it gives them help them get water for their lands?? Or does it help them keep alive till the next monsoon??
Why does the government never want to think of solving problems for the long run?

If they were to use the money they have borrowed from various sources to give these poor farmers, to link the rivers there will be no water scarcity in some places and floods in others.

But I guess this is all a part of the vote bank drive.If they solve this problem now, what will they write in their agenda for the next 5 years to solve, right.What will they have to promise, for the votes?

SAy NO to Reservation!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Its one of Those Days

Its one of the days, I feel least productive.Those days I want to run away from being me.Its those weird days I wish I never had to spend time being me.
I have not done even a single productive thing since morning today.I have simply not done anything except, think about what I am doing and why on earth am I doing what I am doing right now.
A simple enumeration of what all I did today makes me feel horrible.I had wasted a lot of precious time.Time something more precious than money.Phew!!
I went on to do the following things:

1. Create an account in a new website.
2. Watch some news on
3. Eat noodles, curse the bad taste of top ramen oriental flavor.
4. Try looking at my recently implemented project.
5. Check a lot of fotos.
6. Celebrate the birthday of my friends,virtually.
7. Take care that I trouble one of my friends well.
8. Eat a bowl of grapes :D

Does not look like a very good list of things to have done.But anyways spent a lot of time on friends :)...Life building exercise section u c.

SAy NO to Reservation!