Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A new Year

I had been wanting to blog more frequently this year at least, alas my laziness got the better of me.Here I am making a new year post on 23rd of January.

Anyways, its been a busy month I should say.I had come back from LA on the 3rd of Jan.A boring 6 hrs and odd journey back home.The change in weather was extremely prominent on arriving home.Temperatures had reached below zero.I on the other hand returning from sunny California immediately fell ill.Was having cold sore throat and fever for the next two weeks.

In all this mess, classes started too.Here I was with high fever, bad throat and extremely weak,attending classes.I seriously wanted to run away that week.But somehow, health improved a bit and now I am back to studyin and doing my boring homeworks.

My new year resolutions included:

>>More freq blogging :P
>>Eating on time
>>Sleepin for 7 hrs everyday(cos I am ill I over do this)
>>Keeping a diary
Well thats all for now back with more stuff soon

BTW, my first assignment marks are out, did a ok job :D
SAy NO to Reservation!