Tuesday, January 30, 2007

RaMya grows a year older

Back to blog...this time its about Ramya's b'day blast.We all(the gang) got together at her place cut this cute pooh cake and it tasted great...we got her a cute dress for this b'day...after that she took us out for a treat..She had actually over fed us at her home but still she wanted to make everthing official and so took us out too!!
so this post is to wish her all success this year and thank her for helping us celebrate her birthday to the best of our abilities...this post is also to thank her for the great treat she gave the gang!!
SAy NO to Reservation!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

yiippeee..Back To Bloggin..2007

Hello fellow bloggers,

I am finally back to my blog space!
I did not have the convenience of a net access for the past few months and even after I got to access the net, my memory failed me..that is I forgot my password to blogger!!

Now somehow I tried all that I could and found the password to this place.
In the nxt few posts I will write about a few stuffs I did in 2006, my experiences and the things I learnt...most of it was fun and some were bad ones..well I will try to b here most often here after.
note:frequent bloggin will b added in my agenda(read as resolution) for this year!
will keep ya posted bye

A Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes

SAy NO to Reservation!