Monday, May 01, 2006

Y Kill People?

In the past few days,the number innocent people killed over issues unrelated to them and issues that are not even issues has been on the increase.

The engg in Afganisthan(Late Mr.Suryanarayanan) was killed for no mistake of his, he had been on duty in Afgan and was killed due to the fact tat he was an INDIAN, trying to do his job there.

Not only outside INDIA but even inside our country the terrorist forces r acting very badly and killing people indiscriminately....They simply want to kill and even kill Children...Y should ppl be so brutal? R there no means of getting wat one wants without killin ppl or working the extreme ways?
Is violence needed for showing one's unhappiness towards a system?
Even if the wants r so important and have to be shown out in rage, y the hell should innocent people be killed?

The Bad news


Niranjan said...

well thats sad indeed and still more sad is suryanarayana is having two wifes thats more pathetic !!!!

well coming upto terrrorism ppl of afgan have gone nuts and they have their brain some where else

Ramya said...

thats y they are branded "terrorists"-they lack brains.but there are people with terrorising thoughts with no weapons with them,who enjoy to see others suffer like hell.

rAKeSH said...

terrorists are actually a bunch of brain washed ppl. even though they all start out with a goal. in the end they forget everything and end up killing ppl for what they think is their cause.

aparna said...

thats wat ppl these terrorist think they can win their cause by using violence, but more they do these things, the more further they r getting away from wat they want.