Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jawaharlal Nehru and Anti-Reservation

I got this news article through mail.The article claims that our country's first Prime Minister was against reservation based on caste... So much was his support for merit that he gifted India with the IITs, tat take in students purely based on merit.The article goes on to say tat he wanted the best for this country and reservation will not do tat!!

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alpna said...

Also, before we even reach a stage of enforcing reservation there are so many other issues to be tackled.
I have posted my view on reservations at

nabeel said...

hmmm, finally you did it. and check this blog :,

Anshuman Ghosh said...

Ramya said...

so sth useful from nehru.

Niranjan said...

well got this from mail is it well am thinking of an solution for this but will post this in my blog some time later

aparna said...

@alpana-> wat u have said is rt, the education does not reach the ordinary ppl in our country, guess the next thing we should start focussing on is 100% litracy..

@nabeel->u have not said wat u think abt reservation!

@anushman ghosh-> the solution given for reservation in ur blog seems excellent yet we hav to think about its feasibility in a country like ours.

@ramya->wen the first PM himself hated this..should the country ever have liked it?

@niranjan->better think fast..

rAKeSH said...

this goes to show how much the politicians give respect to the leaders of their own party.

equality without reservation said...

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