Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Is reservation the need of the day in our country...I am one of those ppl who r against this kind of reservation...I feel tat the policy tat had taken our country no where in the past 50 years is not going to do any good at higher percentage in the coming years..

What is the point of reserving based on caste in a secular country? How the hell r they going to abolish castism and division of the country based on caste?

If reservation was ever needed it should be entirely be based on economic backwardness or based on the regional backwardness!

But the country can do very well without reservation.. for this an improvement of education at the school levels is essential..Can't the govt. look into this issue instead of reserving?

The lathi charge on the students in Mumbai is something tat should not have been done in the first place..

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rAKeSH said...

i saw the lathi charge video on ibn live. it was horrible. if i were there i would have kicked those police ppl instead of getting those beatings. i know its easy to say it rather than doing it. but its time the politicians learnt something. they cant use power as they like. India a secular country?? when did that happen??

trivialinc said...

Rather than writing ourselves through blog, why can't we go the streets and fight it out with the medical students? Its not only they who are affected, what about the IITians? Its a shame, that when just 40 students of IIT, Delhi staged a protest march, the others looked on. It is also a shame that the so called Law School Students too aren't doing anything. I myself being a law school student feel shameful about it. But that hasn't detered me from raising my voice in my own small way. If you want to come with a blog against reservation, please emmit fire through it, not just a Plane Jane Speak!

Ramya said...

india is burning down with this issue.finally it'll turn into ashes after the reservation comes into effect.we commons are the only ones affected because we are not priviledged.i feel like kicking the asses of those dick headed politicians.why dont just someone drop a bomb on indian parliament?itll be really great and good for the well being of india.

Abhinav Gupta said...

Reservation politics is killing Indian talent and inviting more brain drain, nobody should keep silence about it provided he/she is truly Indian...

Anonymous said...

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