Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code is a superb book...I read the book long long ago(courtesy Rakesh- I borrowed his book)...But there is something absolutely good about the book that makes me want to re-read it.Its its anagrams, the detailed description of art works, the description of hidden symbols and ofcourse the details of a secret society the Priory of sion.

The book sure is a page turner, full of twists and turns and of course provides lots of stuff to think upon and makes one feel the wat a Genius Leonardo Da Vinci was.
Well I always was mad over history and the renaissance arts and this book was real food for that..All most all of the things described in the book were done very well.

But why heck am I writing about all this now???
The reason is that the book has been made into a movie and gonna be released soon..can't wait to see how this book has gone into the screen.

This book has been through lot of critism and been out of legal battle too...Even now the release of the film is being opposed by some...Anyway hope it comes out well and delivers the same fun as the book.

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Ramya said...

nice thriller di,i loved the facts too

rAKeSH said...

this is one of my fav books thats why i bought, but i gave it to akshaya. so it should be courtesy akshaya. The one thing i liked abt it was the various facts. But most of all the plain truth, we ppl earth and this universe might have been created by someone far more superior than us but we the ppl are the ones who invented all these religion, caste creed and all.

aparna said...

@ramya->yes it was indeed good..and I am waiting for the movie

@rakesh-> Then its thanks to akshaya...And I totally agree with wat u say abt relegion.