Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Big No To Reservation

Its been a very long week for those protesting against the reservation proposed by the government for "helping" out the people in the "backward caste".Its been a long week cos they have been on a hunger strike for longer than this, a lot of protest marches, lots of media meetings, lots of things to organise and lots of work to be done to mobilise ppl from all over the country.But at the end of all this the government has taken its stand in the issue and gone on to implement this policy in the next academic year, with a "PROMISE" of increasing the number of seats in the instituitions all over the country.

The promise of these politicians that had never been kept all these years at any point of time is deemed to be false even in view of this issue...Is it possible to increase the number of seats in a matter of just a year, is it possible to establish an infrastructure so quickly to accomodate the rush of students?

Though the response from the doctors and medical faculty had been very quick the rest of the sectors are slowly waking up to the possible damages of this policy...Though the response has been delayed, it sure is building up!

Is the government seriously thinking about what the students r trying to tell them through these protests?

Is the government turning into a group of people trying to do what they think is good for others and when they come to know that others think that what they have done is wrong, their "EGO or Feeling of I AM ALWAYS RT" makes them not to let 'em to go back on their words and accept their mistake?

Coming back to the hunger strike...If this kind of a hunger strike was carried out by a politician, a bussiness or film big shot, will the government have been so silent without trying to appease the protesters asap? R they thinking tat, kids only naa...if they faint they will leave the issue!

But I think we will make them feel they were wrong and hope the govt. go back on their words!! THEY BETTER OR ELSE...EVEN GOD CAN'T SAVE OUR COUNTRY!
1.from the raging protests
2. from the people gettin into instituitions thru' reservation!
3.from autocracy under the name of democracy.

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Ramya said...

ya di u r indeed true.infrastructure cant be increased suddenly.this infrastructure thing is an eyewash.its atrocity in the name of democracy.

markiv said...

hmmm.. its jus vote bank politics.. wat really surprises me is- if the govt is a majority rule why appease the minority???? wldnt it be smarter to let em die if u can ve the majoprity votes???

Harish said...

votes remain as votes...whether majority or minority..
Who the f**k cares about people?

aparna said...

@ramya->yep the infrastructure increase is simply an eyewash.

@vikram->actually the minority are majority...they r using this name by virtue of it being framed in the post independence era...Now they r in such large nos tat the so called majority have to be given reservation!

@harish->Ur right, who cares abt ppl as long as they r in power.

Anshuman Ghosh said...

some views are right here -