Friday, July 21, 2006

Lifting a BAN

DoT has finally bowed down to pressure from the online community of bloggers and internet users.

With the pressure from online communities and bloggers, blogs have been re-opened from yesterday(I am sure)..Well the silly thing tat the ISPs did was that they had blocked an entire domain like blogspot, typepad..wen the govt. had told them to block specific sites!.

DoT goes on defensive

The ban and me::

Now that the ban has been lifted, I really happy to go abt visiting all my fav blogs...When the ban came into existence on monday, I had finished exactly one year in blogging world.i was feeling a little bad that the ban had to come to b on that exact day..At first I tot there was something wrong with my blog.Then wen I went to c my friend's blog I could not open it too..Immediately I went to see if something was wrong with my connection.On reconnecting again, I did not find any improvement in the condition.Then I checked out my browser settings, I found that everything was fine.So I came to conclusion that there was some problem with the domain name...It was then tat my friend told me about the ban..I immediately went on to read about it on online news sites..I expressed my displeasure in all the forums in I was the member, I also hoped that this ban had come over for a temporary period and the government will act soon on the blogging community's displeasure....Well the government did work quick on this issue!!

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Ramya said...

ya finally they yielded to our pressure.they must have thought pre-ban period is better than the post-ban one (:-)

Bharathi said...

yes aparna,very happy on
re opening of blogs.

rAKeSH said...

yup finally i can blog without worrying abt going to someother site to see my site....appada