Monday, July 10, 2006

Zizou's Magic

Tears rolled down my cheeks,during the finals of the football world cup, when the Italians lifted the cup.The cup I wanted Zizuo to lift,and sure he would, was now in the hands of the other team.This feeling was not new to me, I felt the same way when the Aussies lifted the cricket world cup and the Indians stood there watching it as losers!!
When the magical piper, Zizou was given the red card in this final the French dream of the world cup came down crashing..As it had always been said, if Zidane plays France plays!
The reason for his(Zinedine Zidane) behaviour remains unknown..but he could have kept his temper a bit cool, atleast in his last International appearence ever.It was a game well played and lost cos the magical captain had left the field!!Though the French can feel happy about the second position, they still have a reason to feel bad.."Feel bad about losing a match in which victory was very close".
Anyways Zizou still got the best player award in this WC..Zidane polled 2012 points in the vote by journalists covering the tournament, beating Italians Fabio Cannavaro (1977 points) and Andrea Pirlo (715 points) in the ballot.
All came to a close with a good celebrations tat was a treat to the eyes...Germany sure made this worldcup a memorable one...Way to go Germany!
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incognito said...

it indeed was a wc destined for zizu! a perfect send off! also abt the keeping cool part i guess he held his nerves for 110 mts in the game! and surely the italian must have been racially abusing zizu! zizu has previuos records of losing his temper, one must consider he grew up in the worst streets of france battling racism and hatred to rise as one of the footbal greats! for me zizu is right up there with pele!!

nice blog[:)]

Ramya said...

its certain that zidane was provoked which was very clear,but he cud have kept his cool for his stature but we cant argue on this point as even french accepted this.

aparna said...

@incognito->thanks..and yes Zizou sure rocks come wat may!!

@ramya-> ya but I guess he had been provoked for too long!