Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Defeat of the Mighty Brazilians

The match between Brazil and French was simply superb...well being in India has this inconvinience of having to watch the match into the early hours of the morning..I somehow kept myself awake to watch this match, and ofcourse watched the England Vs Portugal match before tat.

History repeats itself...tats wats the commentator said yesterday, so true were his words...England had never won a Penalty shoot out, and yesterday again the very same penalty shoot out destroyed their world cup dream..

IN the case of Brazil, they had lost to the French in 1998 world cup, and it happened again!...Just a single goal scored by the French had taken them into the next level, the Brazils on the other hand were equally matched ,yet they could not goal that levelling goal....It was indeed a little teary, but both the teams were really well matched and one had to lose..Brazil fought it out real well...Great job!!

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Bharathi said...

ya gal,defeat of Brazilians broke millions of heart.After the shocking defeat of argentina,i looked forward for Brazil to win the WC.But now both of them are out.

shrinivaz said...

Thala Zidane irukkum varai bayam yen !!!