Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where Cricket Is a Religion

India is a country that has been known for various things from spices to bollywood(xtra spicy)..And of all this the most important thing is the "CRICKET CraZY People" our country is populated...no no over-populated with..Where ever cricket is being played, Indian media covers it all!

For a country whose national game is Hockey(did u know this), cricket is a religion and all the players are MORTAL gods.Every game played by the country is watched with a lot of fervor...Special poojas being performed, fans going to prayers and asking god(the real one) to help the team win, praying for no rains(otherwise we keep praying it should rain!!!)..etc are part of the pre match activities.

An indo-pak match is viewed as a battle field and victory is mandatory..any other result is quickly criticised as bad gaming tactics by our players and further complaints on how they fail to take quality time to practice well!!!

In such a country, every small change in the game is noted and followed well.the recent stuffs include the come back of Little MAster "sachin", the SECRET practice session in Bangalore and Mr.Dalmia being re-elected...Well all these are the stuff that had to happen.But, the book 'Indian Summers' by John Wright,the former Indian coach brings in a new dimension to cricket in India.The book, its said, openly critices many cricketers and also gives details about the selection process of the Indian cricket team...Great!!
Now wat r we gonna do to this guy who has cast such stain on this religion of ours..
his book is like...er....Da Wright Code...on cricket!!!
So when r we gonna start striking for this????;)
Y is the media so silent??

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Bharathi said...

Yes aparna,its puzzling me why this media didnt focus on this issue...that too in country like India that says "talk cricket,eat cricket,sleep cricket"

Ramya said...

hey as wright was the former coach he must be knowing wat and how things happen.may be thats wat he has written.for eg. today,ronaldo and ronaldinho + 6 more are dropped from brazil team to prove themselves in the future to stay with the team.but here a senior player is always given entry.
selction is always politicised here as they take players only from selected states.they snub TN players.so a coach knows well wats happening inside.

Harish said...

enga silent? Everywhere people seem to lamblast wright for speaking the truth. Paavam...this guy worked hard and brought us some nice overseas victories and now they screw him for this. Hypocrites.

Ramya said...

wow template maathitta ,kalakku de ponne.innum konjam modify pannu de.will tell u later.

aparna said...

@bharathi->ur rt..may b political dramas r on the high tat this matter gets too little of importance!

@ramya->I don't think its very nice to write somethin that u were asked "shut ur mouth abt", tats wat wright has done, he should not have done that at all...wat ya say?

@harish->no one denies his abilities as a coach, but some things were supposed to be well kept, but he failed the code!

rAKeSH said...

hey why no updates...??

Ramya said...

hey new template looks good but when i start commenting its changing,y de?naanum template change panniten.