Saturday, April 15, 2006



The above link takes u to a poll on whether to know if u support a proposed reservation.All these days we have been putting up with this crap over every walk of our lives, but today our politicians want to penetrate into the premier institutions of our country tat stand not only big but also only one of the few things we can take pride in.
Has not our country improved?
Should there still be reservation based on caste?
Will our country ever get freedom from these division of ppl based on caste and creed?
When all tat the politicians do, try to seperate the society based on caste, why does their agenda always read as "we can create a casteless society"


Ramya said...

exactly,see thats wat they say "all r equal befors the eyes of the law",but its not true.its impartial.govt privileges only certain sections of ppl and not all.

nabeel said...

its difficult for the law makers to abolish those reservations completely. what the government can do is bring more and more IIT`S & IIM`S and make a way for those talented bc/obc students to get into those institutions.

aparna said...

Tats sounds like a good idea.. but still they should consider economic backwardness over community and castes.