Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The bus

When summer begins all troubles begin....Well I am speaking about my bus journey back home from ma college.Its a very wonderful journey(sarcasm intended) to and fro from ma college.I ensoi every second of it(GOD!!!).With all these wonderful things,My transport department had this wonderful plan of combining two routes..(for those who don't know wat combining routes means, It means that You make ppl travelling in 2 busses to accomodate themselves into one)
Those guys don't know simple arithmetic wherein 2+2=4....but for these guys 2+2=2 or something close to 1..Why I say this, is because they put 2 ppl per sq inch of the dumb rickety bus.
Now coming to the problem today, these transport super intellects combined the routes without any prior warnin...thus i got nothin but an inch of space to b seated and because of the fact that there was no place in the bus, people sittin had to serve as seats for the less fortunate standees.Thus there was one person on my lap and i had to hold my bag too...On top of this the bus was as hot as an oven running on the high!
So I was swooning under the xtreme conditions of temperature and pressure,with no air to chill out the interiors of the bus.When I got off the bus, it was like I was back from hell....uuuufff.

NOTE:This post was posted as a way to vent out my xtreme irritation with this summer and my colls transport dept.


Ramya said...

when has our college provided us with good transport services?aaramab kaalathilirundhu inni varaikum enga route-a eppovume combine pannuvaanga.ippo thaan nelamai engalakku konjam thevalai.

rAKeSH said...

hey you girls are atleast lucky to get seats. Its the guys who suffer... I know since the same thing happend in my bus tooo. Someday i'm going to thrash those bus dept lunatics. . .

aparna said...

WAT?? U mean to say girls get a seat...comon we simply sit on another person's lap, so actually we too don't hav a proper seat....If ur goin to do somethin tell me too, i will join u in thrashin those guys.