Friday, April 21, 2006

Lok Paritran in Chennai

I got this msg through a sms from my friend...Not sure of the info but still its worth putting it up here.

This is the list of candidates contesting for Lok Paritran in the coming elections in Tamil Nadu, their names and the contesting constituency is as follows:

1. Santhanagopal in Mylapore
2. Elanthirumaran in Chepauk
3. Mahesh in Thousand Lights
4. Prashanth Sharma in Egmore
5. Arvind Tiruvaiyar in T.Nagar
6. Rajamani in Anna Nagar
7. Hariharan in Saidapet
8. Rabindra Ganesh in Park Town

They have an action plan as given in this press meet
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Niranjan said...

well appu it would be very nice if there is a clean politics in our state !!!hope for the best and if the aboce news is vey much true , we wish them all the very best and bring them sucess!!!!

Niranjan said...

well i missed to say this thanks a lot for ur views at my blog and thanks to god

nabeel said...

if you think , a group of people with moderate thoughts and attitude for justice, is going to change the world. yes,indeed it is what ever has happened.

aparna said...

Hope we have a change for the better!