Sunday, April 09, 2006

Heat wave!

Its summer time and chennai burns.Its the time of the year everything and everyone melts down to nothing.The sun never feels sorry for shining down at our city during this time.I hate the dumb heat....god it just kills!!!
Well I should tell you about the better part of the summer, one gets to eat lots of ice cream, water melon and of course COLD water..
Its terribly hot here....even if u wanna escape and go somewhere..u can't do tat cos the university is well known for conducting xams in extreme conditions of temperature.
Onnu kottara mazhayil xam irrukum, illena eriyira viyila..cha.

Gettin back to the topic, its difficult to do basic things during the summer. Like a simple walk to the nearby place can be an xtremely difficult thing.When u start walking from ur home into the street u begin to feel the horrible thermal wave blowin into ur face...After a few minutes you begin sweating profusely and then it begins the terrible mania to wipe the sweat off ur face...u go on doin it at the rate of one wipe per sec to multiple times.
i hate the damn weather.......aaaggggghhh.


Ramya said...

enna thaan kathinaalum kadharinaalum naama chennai kaaranga.appadiye nadakardha pathi pesu.

aparna said...

ippadi polambinalavudu konjam nalla irruke

rAKeSH said...

well i'm yet to become a proper chennaite so i can keep complaining how bad the heat is along with tons other stuff :)