Sunday, March 26, 2006

Webophilia and Me

A few days ago my system had shown some problems due to which I had to quit browsing for 5 full days...(:|
As the days without browsing began increasing, I started getting irritated for everything else tat went wrong.So I wanted to find out if there are more ppl who suffer from this kind of addiction ;).So I simply typed "WEBOPHILIA" in google search(I google for everythin these days).
Guess wat I found,
Excessive Internet use that harms personal relationships 
or affects work performance could be classified as a new
psychiatric disorder that could effect businesses,
researchers at University of Florida said.

and it also said::::
Bloggers are high risk

Great news rt....May b I am still not in these high risk group as I don't blog really regularly :D!!!


Ramya said...

ya nowadays blogging has become an addiction for me.i atleast want to chk who vivited my blog everyday.

rAKeSH said...

Hey i'm the first on the list, what else can one do. Day before yesterday it was an internet marathon. I sat in front of the computer for nearly 10 hours and in between i got up just to eat or drink something and watch tv :)