Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Volvo Adventure

Ajit(my brother) had won the second place in the Volvo Adventure awards(yaayaay).He got the national second place.There were about 50 enteries from all over the country.Our team(ya I was one of the guides), made it to the second place.
I was very happy about this,we were called for a press meet and there ajit and his collegue had to formally present the project for the press and the Volvo ppl.
Ajit did a great job, he spoke with the rt modulation and there was no tinge of nervousness or stammer in his voice.
He answered the press ppl well and looked very confident.The response from the media was also very good, all of them made it a point to congratulate him for his good work and the ppl from Volvo were extremely impressed and said tat our team should come back to win the next time.
The winners were a school from Madurai.Their project was simply about water conservation, but they had done an impressive work.
I use this article to congratulate all the participants and the winners of Volvo adventure...I also specially congratulate Ajit(he seriously did a great job).

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rAKeSH said...

yo all the very best ajit...congrats and when is the treat BTW ..:)

nabeel said...

hey buddy , all the best nd congratulations! keep going as life goes on.., as they say" what you seek is waiting for you all along".