Saturday, July 19, 2008

Its one of Those Days

Its one of the days, I feel least productive.Those days I want to run away from being me.Its those weird days I wish I never had to spend time being me.
I have not done even a single productive thing since morning today.I have simply not done anything except, think about what I am doing and why on earth am I doing what I am doing right now.
A simple enumeration of what all I did today makes me feel horrible.I had wasted a lot of precious time.Time something more precious than money.Phew!!
I went on to do the following things:

1. Create an account in a new website.
2. Watch some news on
3. Eat noodles, curse the bad taste of top ramen oriental flavor.
4. Try looking at my recently implemented project.
5. Check a lot of fotos.
6. Celebrate the birthday of my friends,virtually.
7. Take care that I trouble one of my friends well.
8. Eat a bowl of grapes :D

Does not look like a very good list of things to have done.But anyways spent a lot of time on friends :)...Life building exercise section u c.

SAy NO to Reservation!

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