Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summers past

Sitting in my home on a hot summer afternoon filled me with memories of summers past.
The slant of the sun's rays reminded me of my summer holidays, made me travel back in time and filled me with the sweet memories of my childhood.

Summer holidays meant fun to me and a pain to my parents.They would not know what to do with extremely active kids bouncing off the walls at home.So for the first part of the holidays, they used to send me to some arts classes.The classes were carefully chosen after reviewing my reaction to each of their names.They would put me in the class whose very name made my face look bored and dull.Seriously, for a kid who loved running around a lot, sitting in a "pattu class" or "needle and thread" class was extreme boredom.
While I tried my best to convince them that dance class, karate class or any of such other classes were fun, they sent me to one of these horrendously boring classes.So after returning from such a boring class, I was bound to be quite and irritated with the hw they had given me there.So this is how the first 1.5 months of my holidays went by.Then came a stretch of month or so, this was the most painstakingly long time for my mom and fun time for me :D.She had to force me finish my holiday homeworks and also keep track of what all mischief I was up to.With a little brother following every step of yours, I know how difficult it is to keep my little blunders a secret.
So here I was with a little spy peeking at what ever I was doing from behind my back.
How I wished the little devil was more an angel!!So every holiday from my 2nd class till 6th class went about like this.
After 6th class life changed, myself my brother got bitten by the video games bug.So my parents were happy that the little pests were in a single room most of the time.Though we fought over the player chances and who is a better player and brought the roof down,we still were under the watchful eyes of my mom.At the end of 3 months of that particular holidays we had finished one full set of games and were waiting for more to come.
We used to play cricket, broke a couple of window panes in our own house.Got scolded for not being careful enough :).Then the long gardening sessions, of getting water from the tap near the well and pouring water to each of the plants with personal care for each of them.
We used to hold cycle races while delivering goods at my aunt's place and going out to get maggi for evening snack time :D.
Playing running and catching, getting flowers from the jasmine tree, playing hide and seek and of course going out and eating some crappy stuff at tiny chaat shops.

Recollecting these happy memories, I spent my evening wondering, may be I should have done more things in those days.I get to smile at them so will my parents, but I surely know they would have been so tired of keeping up with me then.
Thanks mom and dad for putting up with the little pest I was :D.

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ajit said...

he he nice one .....gr8 memories of those beautiful days~!