Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Mention

Was reading this old post on my reader : POST(yes I have a month long backlog in reading). It was interesting how things happening in politics are so similar irrespective of the state, language and people. People are not sensitive about small things, its only the other major forces in our society that make it an issue. Its the same with religious sentiments. These are played a lot more in our country. I have seen some problems myself where in the average person would not feel too bad about it, like the simple issue of releasing The Da Vinci Code movie in Chennai. Many groups brought about a ban on it, I was amused by this cause, if they had extreme faith, even after watching that movie they should not be moved or change. Its just a work of fiction, on the other hand they banned it and made it look like they had a fickle faith.My friends who were Christians, felt that this action of banning the film was unwanted and silly. There was this other movie Anbe Sivam, in which the hero says there is no god and plays opposite to a strong hindu theist and says a lot of stuff about god not existing blah blah, I watched that movie. I did not feel that my sentiments were hurt.Its a fiction , another person's opinion, just because I think something I can't make someone else think that way by forcing them.But that's exactly what is happening now, like that post says, someone was offended so expects everyone else to agree to it. Sad! The part of that post that I liked and always felt was, if someone says they are big people and awesome and all that the criticism of what they do by one person or a group of people should not affect them badly.

SAy NO to Reservation!


Rakesh said...

Interesting never thought u would say this especially about religion :) Well then people are sometimes too sensitive for their own good. Anbe Sivam was totally different from Da Vinci code. Yes both are fictions I definitely agree and its just an opinion. Let me give you a simple example suppose someone says something very bad (totally fictitious) about one of my best friend, I definitely would get angry. Its the same case here. Some may say I'm overreacting, but then we all have our limits. This action doesn't mean that I don't have faith in my best friend its only that anger & sadness are the first emotions that we express if we hear something bad about someone we love. Of course this whole thing is totally fictitious and doesn't apply to me since I'm a Martian :P

GAYATHRI said...

"I can't make someone else think that way by forcing them" Absolutely true!!:)
But think about illiterates!They believe what the so-called 'i-am-a-big-person' says!!
A very simple example...sun pictures produce a lot of trash every month in the name of movie and flashes a trailer every 3 mins in sun tv with a 'super-hit' tag on it...well..we know its all hum-bug...but the hut-dwellers feel the other way since they r forced to beleive its a hit!
This is how it happens in India currently...
Anbe sivam problem was also made to look that way by these ppl!
If they had not done it noone would ve even minded the atheistic views in the movie!