Saturday, January 30, 2010


Its been so long since I blogged that I had to click the " I forgot my password" link on Google today to get in here.

I have watched a lot of movies, gone to a lot of new places, made a trip back home and living in the cold corner of Florida, in these few months that I have not blogged.
Let me start with something interesting from last year before I go on cribbing about the new year and the new challenges.

I got a chance to go home again last year.
It was one of those trips that drag out of your routine and spins you, and puts you back. It was fun, the spin part, but then the going and coming back into schedule part was hard to digest. I had whole lot of fun and did not make any long trips this time. Spent a lot of time home and with my family and friends.

Then came the the trip to Universal Studios.
In December I went to Universal studios, finally! Yes I lived at close proximity to this place, but never gone there till now.It was simply beautiful, it was Christmas eve and the place looked very beautiful.

And then there was the new year.
It was a different kind of a new year celebration this year, I was in a theater watching Sherlock Holmes. It was fun, cause this was the never the way I had ever celebrated it.

With the new year came new resolutions, the very troubling resolutions.
One of them was at least one blog post per month. And here it is the one post per month's quota.

Let me find more interesting stuff to blog more often!

SAy NO to Reservation!


ajit said...

yipeee....alas ! ur blog has a new entry now :D
Hoping to read more posts soon :)

Anonymous said...

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