Sunday, February 08, 2009

Home and Back

I was home a month ago. It is just like yesterday, I wake up in my little room to smell fresh sambar, hear crows kawing away to glory and the most wonderful thing of all watch my mom walk around the house calling out to me to wake up.Ah! pure bliss.

Here I am back in my second home, wake up into a cold silent morning. Do the morning duties, eat a lone breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, grab my bag and run to work.
Work all day, get back home. A dark silent home, start cooking for dinner, eat dinner chat with a couple of friends, thank the lord for giving me a day and go to sleep.

I am not sure if I am happy or sad, all I know is I miss home.I miss waking up my brother, driving my mom mad, irritating my friends and going out in the evenings everyday. Reflecting on it, life looks more filled with activities back home, every breath had an event following it....Miss u ppl :(

SAy NO to Reservation!

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--xh-- said...

yup - almost same feelings run through my mind whn i am back to bangy from home... :|