Sunday, February 24, 2008

public Transport

I have been blogging for about 2 years now.So looking back I have blogged quite a lot about the day to day problems I got to face in India.Things that I felt were issues and problems for which I strongly sided.But after moving to the US, I found that the problems I am facing in everyday life are more at a personal level than in the surrounding.Yeah I guess thats why problems here are way too different than the problems in our cities.

A typical example would be traveling in a bus in my city in India, it was an experience unto itself.Getting the bus on time was a problem and it not being crowded was another.But still it was very well ventilated.So when ever you are in a typical public transport bus, unless you are inches away from the next person or some one is drunk, the place does not exactly feel nauseating.But here we have air-conditioned buses, I don't know why every possible way of getting fresh air into living spaces is stopped.But anyways,so here we are in a absolutely cold bus with sleepy faces sipping morning coffee or coke and most of them smelling of sleep(u know that muffled smells of sleeping).Hence as soon as u enter the bus the smell is over powering and you start feeling sleepy right in the morning.

You would think whats personal in this, well me feeling sleepy rt in the morning after all the bathing, coffee drinking and breakfast eating is not a good thing to happen.

By this post, I don't glorify public transport in my city, its just a random comparison of simple joy of breathing fresh air, with lot of dust, automobile fumes, random chicken shop egg curry smell and may be a drunken fella in the bus and extremely comfortable looking, sealed from any weather and boring mode of transport.

SAy NO to Reservation!

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