Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Petrol Problems

I am back to blogging..This time I had been away from my system for quite long cos of travelling and this damn net connection does not work very often!
The new problem now is Petrol price hike!
The hike in petrol price has hit everyone hard and it does hurt a lot!
Now a days I find myself taking to public transport more frequently..I have not touched my scooter for long now...
Its indeed too bad on the govt's path to rise the price even after ppl told them tat they can't afford such prices...Just because its an essential thing, and ppl can't avoid using it, the govt. is trying to earn out of it!

Well here we go, the country again begins another protest tat would take us no where!
As if someone is gonna listen to "THE PEOPLE".

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SAy NO to Reservation!


nabeel said...

hi aparna,
there is very little what the central or the state govt can do as far as the petrol hike is concerned. bcoz the price is calculated as per the international crude oil price/barrel.
the hindu carries this information everyday.and the ad even provides few guideline how to save petrol.

Niranjan said...

this is the most sick thing by the government hiking the price and then redusing the rate by 80 paise or so what the heck the gov are upto !!!!

i think they have no brains at right place

Ramya said...

all people who are sitting in the centre are rascals.just bcos oil companies suffer they hike the price of fuel.but this is not the case with other neighbouring countries.

Ramya said...

[;)] [:d]

Harish said...

All international prices have shot no other go...
Aana enna panna...petrol velai eruna Directly proprtional ell valayum erudu...Aana sambalam maatum ade thaan taraanga :-(

aparna said...

@nabeel->Ya but they can still work on it so tat we can afford the prices rt!
@niranjan->well u r absolutely rt.
@ramya->yes they don't understand how the price hike hits us hard!
@harish->See that is the main problem here, all prices go up except the salaries..;(

rAKeSH said...

one cant blame the govt for everything. It is the right decision. for once i'm favouring the govt. cuz india's need of petrol is increasing day by day, and who is to be blamed its the people, ofcourse we would never take the blame. And as always our only last option blame the govt. we are getting petrol and all petroleum products at a subsidized rates. And govt. have been kind enough to still continue to provide it in subsidized rates. So if you don't want the petrol price to increase then they will have to make up the loss by increasing tax. for that also you ppl will start shouting. and don't say that salary doesnt increase. of course the salary also increases otherwise we would all be in bad case economic depression. which hasnt happened till now so i believe the salary is acceptable. without realising all this one just cant blame the govt.

So whats the solution? you might ask, well use public transport. if the place you want to go is within a 1-2 kms then dont use car or bike, walk or if you have a bicycle use that. :)