Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Making every place No where

US targets Iran

Though Iran has consistently maintained that it's only developing nuclear plants for electricity, the US has been targetting Tehran.

Washington has even threatened imposing sanctions through the Security Council.

"We are concerned that Iran's activities pose an increasing threat to international peace and security. Iran's pattern of deception, its concealment, its confrontational approach, increasingly worry the world community," said Gregory Shulte, US Ambassador to IAEA.

The UN Security Council can impose sanctions on Iran, but Russia and China as permanent members hold veto powers.

This piece of news is from NDTV Archives.

Well I have always been against America's thirst for wars.They have already brought to ground Iraq and are yet to prove their claims about the nuclear weapons there.Now they are aiming for Iran(same pretext).I seriously don't understand why THEY should be concerned about another country is doing.Has anyone ever asked about the weapons or the nuclear power of America or Can we even question them?
All this war on other nations,I feel is to show their supremacy and test their weapons of mass destruction.
At this rate I fear that, this kind of interference is a threat to every independent country.


Rakesh Ashok said...

ya US do seem to want their hand in anything and everything in the world. But there is a justification since it was US which is very often attacked by Terrorists and since the terrorists connections runs deep in the lands of iran, iraq and the various muslim countries so the US feels threatened. That tells a lot about US

Ramya said...

i think every morning plan for bush wud be to look into the world map and decide his next target country after afghanistan,iraq and now iran.and the excuse wud be nuke programmes and no nation can question them as US holds the key to UN.if we question them,then we will have to fight for permamnent position in Security council and bcos of US the bloody congress govt voted against iran.many situations like these r to come up where the congress will put ching-chaan for US.

rAKeSH said...

I'm still surprised at americans who have re-elected bush for the second time. I think the security council should have more members representing a wider political geography so that there is a fair play.

Praveen said...

Bush mandai-la arivu varathukulla Deve Gowda mandai-la mudi molachidum :)

aparna said...

rakesh, I dono how this re-election was done???

Ramya, Stupid bush wants to be in the position and so does all these..

Praveen, That's so typical praveen sort of coment

Anonymous said...

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