Saturday, December 03, 2005

Yet another rainy day

Well here we go..its been raining like crazy or insane or anyother word tat describes chaos.Thunder storms and floods have been forecast for the next 2 days.The city is all gone underwater and my exams have been cancelled and will b held on an unknown later date.I have been readin the same way for the past one month but i have not written any exams(except for 2 papers).
Wat these rains have brought out is..our city has a miserable infrastructure,people have purchased lands tat were once lakes and built houses the rains has filled up the lakes and thus the houses r into the water.I seriously don't know wats happening in the other parts of this city, i don't know about how the rescue operations are going on..I feel really bad for all those poor people who r suffering on the roads in this cold weather.Hope all this stops and the sun is out and shining in a few more days..hey sun god come out and shine..pls


rAKeSH said...

me happy because the exams got postponed and sad since many people out there are out of their house due to floods.
me too hoping this gets over soon...

Anonymous said...

this rain has violated our need levels and we r enjoying study hols more than we asked for.this time water entered my neighbour's and my house.but this is tolerable than other ppl who r out in the streets without houses.pray for everybody out there suffering....ramya